Interior Design requires a skillful understanding of the art of living and science of space planning to achieve a home and environment that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Especially in a land-scarce city like Singapore, where carefully planning and creative designing by professionals becomes critical for homeowners.

DCRS Decorations is a one-stop destination of interior design inspirations and an access to expert interior designers and interior decorators who specializes in Home Design and Commercial Spaces who can help you plan, coordinate, manage and translate your dream into reality. In the end, a successfully designed space is a reflection of its occupants where forms, colours and textures combine seamlessly into beautiful and functional space.

Designing a home that lasts and exuding cosy comfort requires an extensive research and planning. Start here for inspiring interior styles and themes for spaces big and small

Configuring a conducive work space at home or in a professional environment in styles that are modern and sophisticated

Designing public spaces to deliver specific functions from F&B to hospitality or from healthcare to institutions

Transforming the buying experience with creative and commercial discipline in space planning

Looking to renovate your home?

Start here for spectacular interior design ideas from a legion of interior designer in Singapore to create your dream home or professional space. Browse designs from experienced interior designers and interior decorators for beautiful ideas in the Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, and Office.

Furnishing and Decorating is important to create the perfect ambience with personalized edge. Get updated with the latest tools, products, and services in Furniture, Curtains and Blinds, Wallpaper, Upholstery, Lightings, Ceiling Fans, Air Conditioners and Flooring. It is these small things that completes a picture worthy space you are proud to call home.

The journey to your dream starts here

Planning a productive space for cooking to suit lifestyles from busy to laidback.

Bathrooms big and small can have the royal design treatment to raise the game on cleansing rituals

Giving the soft focus to interiors with tactile upholstery and wallpaper.

lluminate spaces with lights which combines form and function.

Decorate your rooms with trending and functional furniture in a style which reflects your personality.

The facts and figures on hard surfaces that performs.

Keeping cool and comfortable with the latest in air conditioning.

Create order and imbue comfort in a room where you unwind and rejuvenate.

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