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Month: August 2019

Grand Illusion

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what would we do without them? We check in with residential design specialist Elements ID Consultants on ways to incorporate reflective surfaces in various design schemes in the living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.
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Grand Illumination

A second life for dead fluorescent tubes
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Under Cover

3-Dimensional Wall Tile
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Under the Sun

Enjoy that spot of outdoors with hardy and beautiful furniture. From plush seaters to hanging loungers, here are top timeless picks to make your day.
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Eternal Sunshine

The familiar Scandi aesthetics energised in Hotel Norge

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Wouter van der Sar

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Home with baby

Worldly influences, lively Arabesque décor and Grecian patterns, combine harmoniously for an elegant child-friendly space

Photography by Alex Jeffries

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True Blue

The colour of the sea and sky never gets old. Famously calming and welcoming, blue is one of those colours that screams bold yet classically comforting. But accessible does not have to be boring. From nautical to regal, eclectic or sleek, let these blue infused spaces inspire you to shake things up at home.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Alex Jeffries, Amy Barkow, Michael Muraz, Stéphane Brügger.

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In & Out

Your outdoor space should be a seamless transition from the inside out with open spaces for dining, cooking and entertaining. A spot of nature always invigorates and also induces wellness. Here are fresh ideas to reboot outdoor space.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Alex Jeffries, Adrian Ozimek, Julien Kerdraon, Maxime Brouillet

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Cloud nine

A view from the world above
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Wood turned into stone
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