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In Singapore, aircon servicing is an integral part of almost every home and office. After all, if you’re going to own an air-conditioning unit, you’re going to require maintenance from an aircon specialist at one point or another.

That means a team of professional technicians and engineers to provide quality services, whether it is an installation service, repair or maintenance.

As an interior design portal, we’ve had the fortune to work with many such experienced professionals who offer their clients unmatched services. Cooling solutions to battle the scorching heat.


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When the temperature starts to rise, keeping your space cool becomes a top priority. In a tropical climate, the air conditioner is a common fixture in many households either masked behind a cohesive design scheme or perched discreetly high up to keep humidity at bay. Before investing in a unit, get up to speed with the basic terms to make an informed purchase.

1. indoor unit

The unit consists of a coil box that contains what is called an evaporator.  The evaporator allows for the refrigerant, a cooling fluid inside the coil piping to evaporate and absorb heat. Once the heat is absorbed from inside your home, it leaves nothing but cool air to be sent back into your home.

2. outdoor unit

The heat absorbed from your home’s air is transferred to the refrigerant and then pumped to the outdoor unit, which contains the compressor, condenser coil and a fan.

The compressor moves the refrigerant throughout the system, compressed the liquid to a higher pressure, and then through the outdoor coil known as the condenser. As the refrigerant passes through the condenser, a fan delivers ambient air across the condenser coil causing it to cool. The process completes with the heat from inside is dispersed to the air outside. The refrigerant is then pumped back indoors and the whole process repeats.

3. refrigerants

The chemicals called refrigerants in aircons used to effectively cool the room. R410A and R32 are types of refrigerants, which are more efficient and eco-friendly.

4. cooling capacity

The British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating is basically the number that tells you how quickly a unit can cool a room. The right BTU will help prevent a hefty bill and ensure you get the most efficient cooling system for your needs.

The following list suggests suitable BTU ratings based on floor areas:

  9 000  15 sqm – 18 sqm
  12 000  20 sqm – 24 sqm
  18 000  30 sqm – 36 sqm
  Up to 24 000  40 sqm – 44 sqm

5. energy efficiency rating

The rating system by Singapore National Environment Agency NEA range refers to 5 ticks as the highest energy efficiency rating available. A higher tick rating means that the system draws less power to perform a similar task and therefore lower monthly bills.

6. multi-split system

This refers to an aircon system which cools 2 to 9 rooms with only one outdoor unit, but allows individual control in each room.

7. system (2, 3, 4, or, 5)

The system which works like a package deal depends on the number of rooms you want cooled. For example a System 4, refers to three indoor aircon units and one outdoor compressor unit. If you want 4 bedrooms and a living room cooled, pick system 5.

8. inverter aircons

An inverter aircon unit is made up of a variable speed compressor compared to a conventional unit which operates on one speed. The variable speed prevents the compressor from running at full power all the time rather and to continuously regulate temperature as needed thus a more energy efficient choice in the long run.

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