Amazing Shells

Exploring Eden collection was one to forefront sustainability at recent Milan design week

June 6, 2019

The next time you enjoy an abalone congee, think of its under-valued shell. Picture an iridescent table with pretty etch-like patterns with pink scallop inlays made from discarded capiz shells or a side table in abalone shells marquetry.

The Exploring Eden collection by British designer Bethan Gray with Nature Squared, comprises ten key pieces including furniture such as armchairs, tables and shelving, complemented by accessories such as paper weights, bookends and bell jars. Each furniture clad is in leftover materials from the seafood and farming industries.

Gray’s design practice has always been around natural materials, graphic pattern and colour; while the team at Nature Squared turn the raw shells into luxury surface materials used for the interiors of super yachts and private jets. The collaboration marks their shared passion for discovery, experimentation and pushing the limits of natural materials.

The collection aims to cultivate an appreciation for waste materials and acceptance of sustainable practices.
The lighthouse hotel sits on a tension leg platform which works in the same way as a taut, moored buoy.

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