Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom interior designs are perhaps one of the most complex yet important aspects of any successful interior design. Especially for a bustling and busy city like Singapore.

After all, we are not blessed with large palatial bathrooms and designing one can be a rather daunting task. But here’s the thing… with smart planning, fixtures and finishes, even a tiny bathroom can feel grand and luxurious.

That’s why before you decide to plunge into a bathroom renovation, you may want to speak with a reputable bathroom professional to help you conceptualise and bring your dream bathroom to life.


Top 3 Pitfalls to Avoid in the Bathroom

1. Vinyl as Flooring
A big no in wet areas, vinyl when pieced together are not sealed fully like tiles do. The gaps may cause water to seep in and linger on, creating moisture and damaging the vinyl.

2. Wild colours
Flashy colours may work in other rooms in the home, but neutral reigns in the bathroom for its serene and spa-like quality. To avoid any clashes, stick to no more than three different tiles and build the bathroom around a statement tile.

3. Clutter Nutter
As an important component for a start to the day, clogging up the basin top in the bathroom with hair products and medication is less than ideal in a cushy home. Keep the basin prim and proper with a soap dish and nothing else, a neat and clean basin is a surefire way to impress any guests to the home.

Tiles easy

Select tiles based on the usage of the room. It is well documented that the wet environment of the bathroom would require a rougher tile surface to prevent falls and slips. As mentioned previously, vinyl flooring may not be the wisest decision for the shower room, but homeowners who prefer wood-like flooring may opt for timber-like tiles for its maintenance-free and wood-like appearance.

On the walls, glossy surfaces like porcelain or ceramic would save you hours of scrubbing to rid of dirt and grime. Any algae formed from moisture can be easily removed with a clean wipe as compared to rougher surface tiles.

On the level

An incorrect choice of tiles can be a disaster in the bathroom and a recipe for flooding. Ponding is when water is trapped in certain corners of the bathroom as a result of a poorly leveled floor. Carry out a water ponding test with your contractor by flooding the toilet with water and ensuring the water flows down to the floor trap. If the water stays in position after a certain while, take it up with your contractor or run the risk of water logging or flooding.

Bright and airy

Lighting can make a break in a room. Similarly, in bathrooms, how one controls the lighting can alter the ambience and mood of a room. A common way of illuminating the space and complementing the interior setting is the use of bath sconces or cove lighting to embellish the powder room with soft lighting throughout.

Colour easy

Due to the spatial constraints in the homes of Singapore, a roomy bathroom does not come often. Pale shades and light hues have been known to make a small room bigger. To build on a serene mood, try neutral colour palette with a primary base of white like taupe. If you wish to challenge the norm, delve into graphic wallpapers or add pops of colours.

Cosy in storage

Storage in bathrooms tends to run small due to the shrinking size in the average apartment in Singapore, but it should not be something to overlook. All the skincare or hair products need to go somewhere and the basin top does not cut it. Make room for a closed-cabinet to hide medication or personal products from curious houseguests – wall-mounted cabinets above the vanity or toilets can be constructed for the storage of small items. Mirrored bathroom cabinets are all the rage at the moment for their dual-purposed functionality.

Take a dip

For some homeowners, owning a standing bathtub is a dream they can never pass on. Before reaching for the checkbook, check if there is available space in the bathroom to house the tub. The next point on the checklist is slightly unconventional but equally important: ensure that the width of each door that leads to the bathroom is wide enough for the transportation of the tub.

In HDB homes, the law mandates that any piping within the bathroom has to be exposed. To conceal the piping in a legal manner, a curb can be constructed to wrap the inlet pipe.

A bathtub is not out of the question. However, ensure that the piping does not contravene any of HDB’s rules and regulations. In this home, the freestanding bathtub is paired with an elegant and comely faucet that adds eye-catching detail.

Use lighting to your advantage, especially when sunlight does not come your way into the bathroom. In this shower room, cove lighting was fitted into a recess to highlight a collection of perfumes.

The facts are out in the open, tread carefully when playing with colours. The trick to a cosy bathroom is to use subtle shades of the same colour with assistance from a colour wheel. In this bathroom designed by CAD Associates, a balanced and harmonious feel is established with a base of brown.

Mirrored bathroom cabinets do not impose on your personal space while holding important vials and jars of skincare products at eye level.

CAD Associates,