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Bedrooms interior design is important to create order and imbue comfort in a room where you unwind from a busy day.

Designing small bedrooms with floor areas from 8 sqm to 14.6 sqm can be challenging. With a little bit of creativity, a successful bedroom design can amplify any humble-sized spaces into a bedroom that is beautiful and functional.

Space saving furniture and custom storage are essentials to avoid clutter. A bedroom colour scheme is also important when deciding how you want your personal bolt-hole to make you feel. This may be reflecting a love of colour, in bright and opulent tones, or whites and neutrals.

Start here for some gorgeous bedroom interior designs in slumber land.


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How-to Furnish Small Rooms Under 14.6 sqm

With the right touch and distinct design direction, a humble-sized bedroom can be swashed with personality and into the realms of comfort and serenity.  Interior experts at BoConcept swear by three tips when furnishing smaller bedrooms.

TIP 1: Keep it simple, spacious and uncluttered

The best way to manage small living spaces would be to keep it simple. It is important to be aware of the amount of space you have to work with to avoid over cluttering.


Less is more especially for small spaces. Zidane Design Associates chose a neutral colour palette to visually enhance the tight bedroom space.  Since the ceiling, walls, windows and furnishing are in a similar tone, the transition from the bed to wall and study table is seamless and easy on the eyes.

TIP 2: Blur your boundaries for an open layout

An open layout allows for more flexibility in a small home, giving homeowners a multi-functional space. For instance, blurring the boundaries between your study area and bed instantly creates the illusion of a much larger space.


For this teenager’s bedroom, Elements ID Consultants focused on keeping maximizing walls space to free up floor area. The customised bed unit is elevated to make room for storage beneath it and platform for additional desktop space. The bed head is extended to merge into a study corner with more storage on the walls.

TIP 3: Take advantage of vertical space with wall mounting units

If you are in need of additional storage, how about taking full advantage of your vertical space by opting for wall mounting units. Not only does this free up your floor area, it provides you with ample storage space to keep your home organised.


For this teenager’s bedroom, Metaphor Studio designed custom storage to maximise wall space. For good measure, the bed is also fitted with pull-out storage beneath it. A mirror above the bed bounces light and adds dimension to the small space.

Scaling New Heights

Consider wallcovering to enlarge the bedroom instead of paints. Not only does it add texture and emphasis to a look, it builds on an extra dimension to the room. However, not all wallcovering are suitable especially in rooms of a smaller size. Under the advice of Gerardine Loggere, director and interior decorate to regional interior brand Tatum, small bedrooms ought to go with plain wallpaper with a texture or a small design”.

Colours are equally important as they can make or break a room. Loggere earmarks pastels for their “timeless, soft and delicate look” and for homeowners to fill up on wallcovering that negotiate “soft and neutral colours like soft blue, soft green, soft pink, light grey, baby blue or grey green”.

To complement the look, Loggere believes that a small bedroom can have character and dimension through the addition of a few unique items like nice table lights, textured pillows, soft rugs, poofs together with a textured wallpaper. However like the saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’, Loggere advises to steer clear from strong colours and leather, as it would create an illusion of a smaller room.

5 Essentials for a modestly sized bedroom

1 Wall mounted storage

Since floor space is limited, think vertically by introducing wall hooks and mounted shelves to store reading materials, loose change or electronic devices you do not want your child to get a hold of.

2 Collapsible furniture

Yes it is time to talk about folding furniture. We have been primed to believe that permanent fixtures provide more stability and structural integrity, but the products of the new age have reasoned that mathematical algorithm and intense scrutinising and testing has placed folding furniture on level terms. A murphy bed or even a foldable study table would be the way to go.

3 Multi-purpose Furniture (storage beds)

In a small room, it is important to keep things at a minimum. Invest in multi-purpose furniture like a sofa bed, which could double up as a sleeping spot for guests in the guest bedroom-turn-television room. In the master bedroom, introduce a storage bed that conceals generous space for your bedding accessories.

4 Wallcovering

Together with soft or neutral patterned cushions on your bed, wallcovering like the signature collection from Arte has light patterns that would add character, dimension and depth to the room.

5 Layers of lighting

Beyond the ceiling light, go for designer bedside table lamps or a standing floor lamp over the bed to light the way - we are way past the era of fumbling in the dark.

Planning a productive space for cooking to suit lifestyles from busy to laidback.

Bathrooms big and small can have the royal design treatment to raise the game on cleansing rituals

Giving the soft focus to interiors with tactile upholstery and wallpaper.

lluminate spaces with lights which combines form and function.

Decorate your rooms with trending and functional furniture in a style which reflects your personality.

The facts and figures on hard surfaces that performs.

Keeping cool and comfortable with the latest in air conditioning.

Create order and imbue comfort in a room where you unwind and rejuvenate.

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