Blade on the Rock

Home to an aesthetics surgeon is well endowed with bold hues, luxurious textures against a gentle palette of monochromes

Photography by Stéphane Groleau

August 29, 2019

Standing tall, dark and imposing, this 4500-square-foot residence is solidly anchored in the rock thanks to its numerous stone retaining walls and paved terraces.Located close to the US border, the Slender House designed by MU Architecture, is strategically remote and poised as a nature enclosed respite.Massive dry stacked, locally supplied granite volumes serve as bases on which rests an impressive 111 feet long roof with bladelike sharp edges. From the street, the roof literally becomes a fifth facade.Precisely detailed to fit seamlessly within the black wooden exterior walls, a large garage door sits between the massive stone volumes. The discreet and fascinating approach gives us the impression of sinking into the ground between a hanging garden and the house. As one makes his way along these dark and massive facades towards the main access courtyard, a huge glass bay window marks the entrance from which a view of the lake is immediately revealed. The austere and rough appearance of the exterior stands in contrast with the very large, bright and airy interiors of the house.

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Large bay-windows, skylights and immaculate white walls literally flood the space with light and offer breathtaking views of the lake.

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Double height ceiling lends visual volume to an open plan living areas.

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The kitchen is linear and simple with cooking and dining essentials integrated into the design scheme.

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A service corridor that links the garage to the main house provides access to a series of rooms, including a washroom, a laundry room, a workout area with large glass walls, and a sauna.

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A large glass wall and side door are designed as the main entryway, and are located next to a stone courtyard, with steps leading up to a two-car garage with a black door.

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Each bedroom is decidedly minimal in decorations to reveal only the essentials but refined in aesthetics.

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The sauna and training room with large glass walls that invite nature inside.

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The master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom elegantly clad in marble and layers of soothing grays.

Large bay-windows, skylights and immaculate white walls literally flood the space with light and offer breathtaking views of the lake. At times reaching 25 feet high, ceilings stretch to augment the amplitude of these living spaces. All the rooms of the Slender house are positioned to form one single linear row. In addition to the master’s suite, two high-end suites with full bathrooms and small adjoining lounge, a sauna and a training room compose the program of this luxurious house. A service corridor that connects the main entrance to the ground-floor entrance doubles as the entrance to the garage and gives access to a small washroom, laundry room and pantry that connects to the kitchen through a secret door.Using the same material as the residence, a boathouse on the lake also offers an extra kitchenette and a magnificent roof terrace to enjoy the sunsets.Setting the residence on such a steep ground necessitated the construction of numerous retaining walls offering a great opportunity to develop hanging gardens. In the evenings, the cascade of vegetation is fully appreciated from the inside and enchants the house further.The Slender house comes as a contemporary reinterpretation of the Bungalow of the 1960s slicing tradition with elegance. Worthy of hotels, the attention to details, the richness of the materials and the control of the lines afford the residence a soothing feeling of lightness.

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