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Interior Design

On the Move

Modular made in Singapore homes
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Small & Mighty

Living Large in Small Spaces. Get schooled on the art of decorating small spaces
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Core Values

A perfectly edited townhouse for a family for four Photography by Amy Barkow
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Into the Woods

Glass, concrete and wood ground this house firmly in nature’s roots.
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Greening the future

Holistic creations for sustainable living
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Into the lion’s den

The rural country living urbanised
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Down the rabbit hole

Magical wonderland of bling and brawn

Photography by Cris Cheng

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Making Spaces Work

Aspiring interior designers gets equipped with professional skills at SIT
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Lofty Ideas

The only way is up for a cat-friendly space


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Grand Illusion

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what would we do without them? We check in with residential design specialist Elements ID Consultants on ways to incorporate reflective surfaces in various design schemes in the living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.
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