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Thu humble surface revolutionised

February 13, 2018


Highly resistant and amazingly all natural, Lapitec is the premium of solid surfaces with a lifetime guarantee. The biggest full-bodied sintered surface in the industry, Lapitec composites have revolutionised public and living spaces worldwide with innovative architectural and design solutions.

Available in large format slabs, Lapitec unites aesthetic design appeal, superior mechanical and physical properties of porcelain with the elegance, workability, colours and typical finishes of natural stone. Its Italian heritage portrays powerful contemporary design with a classic twist, overcoming structural and stylistic constrains making it the perfect fit for the design conscious.

Its non-porous characteristic makes Lapitec a hygienic alternative and its insusceptibility to stain, mould, bacteria, abrasive chemicals and long term exposure in the sun makes it the ultimate sustainable choice.

In an increasingly polluted environment, Lapitec offers a promising respite with its all natural properties. The material can only be manufactured sans resins or petroleum derivatives.

Lapitec is defined as “self-cleaning”, a perfect choice for spaces which require a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. An in-built Bio-Care technology incorporating Titanium dioxide gives Lapitec the ability to breakdown and wash away organic atmospheric particles that deposit bactericidal effects on its surfaces. When exposed to light both natural and articial, Titanium dioxide acts as a catalyst to degrade organic matter via oxidation.

From interior to outdoor spaces, the material is applied as external cladding and pavements to kitchen tops, bathrooms, pools and structural façades.


Founded in 2011, Lapitec is an innovative “full-bodied” sintered stone hailing from Italy. Recently, the genius applications have begun distribution here via Taishi-Tech, marking its vaunted Asian debut as Singapore was selected to be its first market for distribution. This inception is hot on the heels of successful receptions at international fairs CERSAIE, Xiamen Stone Fair, MARMOMACC, throughout 2015.

Lapitec unites the aesthetic appeal, superior mechanical and physical properties with the elegance, workability, colours and finishes of natural stone. An ideal solution for architecture and design, Lapitec’s Italian heritage portrays both powerful contemporary design as well as a classic appeal- overcoming structural and stylistic constraints, meeting the aesthetic sensitivity of designers and homeowners.

Life TimeProne to wear and tear
Scratch resistant
Self cleaning with anti-bacterial propertias
Resistant to stain, mould, bacteria and abrasivechemicals


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