Child’s Play

Fun and Games at Children’s Clothing Boutique

February 13, 2018

Each of the modular furniture can be converted into standalone parts. The bases to the cabinet have been repurposed as a display storage in the store.

Each movable part of the playpen can be easily rearranged to fit the occasion, be it a story-telling session or for a special product launch.

The changing room was designed large enough for a child to twirl around and observe their outfits and can be easily converted into a nursing room if needed.

Threading the fine line, local children clothing brand Le Petit Society worked with TA.LE architects on a distinctive and coherent design concept for their first retail boutique at OUE Downtown Gallery. The design team at TA.LE Architects set out their design vision for a comfortable and attractive environment attractive to both parent and child.

The overall design was founded on natural and variegated textured surfaces like raw wood, fabric and concrete to create a space that takes a step backwards for the colourful clothing lines to star in their own rights. 

Colours are first on the list of to-dos, swapping out the shop’s ceiling for a brilliant blue to reflect a twilight sky. Different colours, textures and materials were also juxtaposed with each other for a playful personality; think grey concrete paired with the lovely pink of copper. The effortless play with colours structures the brand for a spunky look that ropes the brand off the rest.

As the mode of shopping is largely online, a series of cubicles in the style of mailboxes were built to store packages ready for collection, reducing postage costs and encouraging interactivity with the brand’s products. 

To meet the client’s brief for modular furniture system, a cabinet was broken down into three standalone parts that can be disassembled and reassembled when required. The top bears a crown frame with the holding of indoor plants in mind, the body of the cabinet can be alternated between display shelves, mailboxes or hanging racks, while the base is taken over by pullout drawers for storing stock. As each part can carry their own weight, units like the bottom tier bases can be repurposed as display-cum- storage across the store. 

Purely for sensory gratification, an architectonic structure in the center of the store, much like interactive exhibits at museums, allow shoppers to move around the structure and connect with the merchandise and display on a more memorable level. Even the low shelves of the store double up as seats for the trying on of shoes. The cosy area, coined the ‘Playpen’, can be rearranged to suit the occasion when hosting in-store events such as story-telling sessions for the young ones.

TA.LE Architects,

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