Intelligent Sink for an Ergonomic Workspace


The flexible pullout spray can be retracted for an enhanced operating range around the sink.


An ergonomically shaped lever handle adjusts the temperature and water volume.


hansgrohe Select technology is integrated directly into the sink - an easy-to-press button dictates the water flow and spray mode from the multi-jet kitchen mixer.

Intuitiveness in the kitchen is something that there is often taken for granted. But the fact of the matter is that the seconds do add up especially when you are whipping up a storm for a crowd. German sanitary fixings brand hansgrohe has developed high quality sink units that are guided by how people use water in the kitchen. Developed in cooperation with Phoenix Design studio based in Stuttgart, the new sink combination units will feature intuitive controls and sophisticated functions within a timeless design.

When it is time for clean up, home cooks or the little helpers of the family can choose from two innovative control concepts in the water control unit placed at the front right-hand side of the sink rim. From there, toggling the tap for precise temperature and water volume can be done with ease especially for the little ones.

The first model fitted with the hansgrohe Metris Select two-hole kitchen mixer can be controlled with the ergonomically shaped lever handle at the rim of the sink. By adjusting the knob, precise temperature and water volume can be retained as settings throughout the day. With a light press on the Select button strategically positioned on the high spout, water flow from the mixer can be toggled efficiently.

On the second model, Select technology is integrated directly into the sink. A large elegant button on the right sink rim dictates the water flow from the multi-jet kitchen mixer. The easy-to-press button built for greater accessibility can be operated easily using the elbow or any parts of the body especially when one's hands are full. The clever button is also fitted with the automated function of opening and closing the drain without having to pull on the sink plug.

In both sink combinations, a pullout spray can be retracted from the mixer to extend the operating range around the sink for activities like filling up a jar or the washing of fruits and vegetables. To protect the hose from being damaged or caught by drawers or waste detergent products within the often-cluttered base cabinet, the hose is stowed within the new hansgrohe sBox, a sturdy contraption.

This keeps the cabinet tidy and extends the lifespan of the spray tap by ensuring the hose can run smoothly without being hindered by any obstruction.