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A Simple Magnet-operated Wooden Lamp

December 14, 2017

Despite the lamp’s operation being possible only with a free hand, the HENG balance lamp’s simple yet imaginative mode of function is thoroughly welcomed

The three different variations of the HENG balance lamp give homeowners plenty to choose from.

The Scandinavian Minimalist theme has been sweeping homes like a rapid tornado, cleaning and clearing the way homes are constructed down to the minor details. The side table lamp with its bulky lampshade is the first one to take a hit. Created to fit homes that practise minimalism and simplicity, the product recipient of the Red Dot Award 2016 embraces nature-inspired forms with its curved design and together with its unique mode of operation without knobs or switches, is an instant head turner.

Stripping down its design to the bare bits, the HENG balance lamp is simply constructed: a wooden frame, LED light strips, string, magnets and two wooden balls make up the entire device.

In place of a bulb and lampshade, LED light strips are slotted into the underside of the wooden frame for light to filter into the living space without a direct glare. However, that is not to say the HENG balance lamp is not made for reading, the 6W light comes with a colour temperature of warm white (3500k).

Standing out from the pack is the HENG balance lamp’s matchless feature in its interactive user interface. The decision to remove any knobs and switches opens the possibilities for creative new approaches. Two wooden balls hung from the top and bottom of the frame functions as the toggle switch. When the balls are brought together, a magnetic force holds them up while triggering the circuit.

Not one to make compromises, the frame of the HENG balance lamp is made with high-quality wood. Homeowners can also choose from the three different variations, the Ellipse HENG, Round HENG and Square HENG.


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