Layers of white, warm woods and a vibrant collection of art uplifts this retro house into a chic modern space

Photography by : Bruce Damonte

LATEST T6P1_V124 HF Studio Vara 1

A neutral colour palette sets the tone to showcase the owners vibrant art collection from the get go.

LATEST T6P2_V124 HF Studio Vara 2

An open plan concept allow an uninterrupted visual sightlines thus making the interiors appear spacious.

LATEST T6P3_V124 HF Studio Vara 3

Tall windows are a constant design element inside to maximize the surrounding ecology and natural light.

LATEST T6P4_V124 HF Studio Vara 4

Natural light streams in via thoughtful window placements to visually enhance the galley like kitchen.

LATEST T6P5_V124 HF Studio Vara 5

A casual dining nook is carved within the open plan kitchen for quick meals.

LATEST T6P6_V124 HF Studio Vara 6

The corridor is well lit against a picturesque setting and complement further with vibrant art lining its walls to full effect.

LATEST T6P7_V124 HF Studio Vara 7

The master bedroom upstairs overlooks verdant greenery and simply furnished with art which reflects a nature inspired palette.

LATEST T6P8_V124 HF Studio Vara 8

The view from outside in offers refreshing pops of colours which punctuates an interior space infused with a modern rustic flavor.

When the new owner's purchased the house, it was dark, dilapidated and in danger of sliding down a hill. Its interiors which dated back to the seventies, sorely needed an update to modern standards.

Studio Vara`s intervention on the ranch in Kentfield, USA, involved major spatial reconfigurations to allow as much natural light in and allocate functional pockets of space within an open plan scheme.

The plan began with the main staircase relocated to the front in order to make a more spacious kitchen and to create an open passage to the dining area. Natural light was essential, so eaves and decks throughout the house were removed and the wood ceilings painted white to reflect light and focus the attention on the interiors.

The owners have an extensive art collection. Naturally another crucial design brief was to incorporate art placement and visual aesthetics throughout the design process. As a start, a crisp white palette throughout the interiors functions as a perfect canvas to showcase the vibrant art collection which punctuates the walls with spots of colour.

To complement the colorful paintings, floors are decidedly in timber while the furniture are customized in a neutral hue of warm browns. The owners were hands-on and happily collaborated with the designers to the furniture curations in the house.

An oversized bespoke sectional anchors the living room while a custom rug adds a woven graphic texture. A machined aluminum dining table in jet black lends drama to the small dining room, while the custom breakfast nook table in the kitchen is topped with 1960's vintage French tiles by the artist Roger Capron and flanked by a custom charcoal blue linen banquette.

In the bedroom, the master bed is made from solid walnut in a modern design that highlights the sapwood of the slab, sitting on another custom rug.

No longer dark and dingy, the residential now is light filled, spacious and beckons the outside in to a visual feast of art over convivial gatherings.


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