A palette of soothing neutrals, polished marble and pale wood creates a peaceful oasis amid the urban cityscape


A smooth line of vision is achieved by keeping a linear perspective. A bar counter connecting the kitchen outside maintains a seamless aesthetics.


A mirrored wall helps bounce natural light and adds visual depth to the erstwhile tight space.


This space bedroom doubles up as a study fitted with a custom lounger.


The master bedroom exudes a pared back elegance with a feature wall which doubles up as a bed head. A recessed ceiling fitted with down lighters make an elegant and cozy light source.

The team at Zidane Design Associates has become a specialist in conjuring calm amidst chaos in spaces large and small across the island. This city apartment is stylishly fitted and ideal for a small family unit -yet another successful transformation at the helm of its design director Jane Tong.

There is an aura of calm inside the apartment, thanks to the light that floods in from the balcony. A pale yet warm scheme of white walls, polished marble and honeyed tone wood details complements the couple's pared-back mostly modern contemporary furniture.

With strategic placements of a mirrored wall at the dining spot and bar counter overlooking the kitchen, the main living space appears delightfully expansive when the line of vision is not disrupted with obtrusive walls. Keeping the surfaces from the walls to wall units smooth and handles-free also helps in achieving the polished aesthetics.
Wood details are more prevalent in the bedrooms and private spaces in the apartment to induce the cozy ambience. Bespoke storage system in the bedrooms maximizes on available space whilst keeping to the design theme. Functional features like opting for a glazed glass bathroom door and mirror laced wardrobe doors help to brighten dark pockets of space devoid of natural light source.

The palette throughout the apartment is decidedly muted, a mix of whites and neutrals punctuated with marbleized shades of grays on the walls - a perfect complement to the shiny floor in the actual stone. Despite an abundance of smooth and lacquered surfaces, it is surprisingly cozy inside the modestly furnished apartment. Walking inside after a long day at work is very relaxing for the couple. The calming colours help them to unwind. A perfect ending to a busy day.

Zidane Design

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