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Nature and zen in Japanese hairstyling salon

February 12, 2018

Mirrors are positioned within wooden rectangular frames to look like paintings in the gallery or as endless doorways to a dazzling new look.

Little niches have been implanted with the seeds of nature.

Hair washing stations are concealed discreetly behind a partition wall.

The styling workstations have been lined up against the wall to maximise foot traffic in the center of the salon.

To stand out from the rest of the competition, beauty salons have to differentiate themselves by turning to design. As the business is all about beautification, that same logic should apply in the design of the hair salon. Afterall, more people are coming to hair salons not only for the service but also for a place to chill out and feel good about themselves. In the design of the Japanese-owned MUSUBI Boutique Hair Salon along Tanjong Katong Road, the team at CAD Associates diverged from the usual styles found in existing hair salon to premiere a layout with the underlying intention of organisation and spatial planning.

From the entrance, customers can check in at the oversized reception desk, handmade with a high-pressure laminate finish by skilled carpenters from scratch, before being ushered to a vacant workstation. Two hanging lamps provide a soft glow over the counter top while the use of cove lighting underlines the cosy ambience set out by the CAD Associates team. Opposite the reception area, a bench serves as a holding area where customers can leaf through fashion magazines or hairstyling catalogues while waiting for their turn, extending the Japanese culture of hospitality.

On each side of the wall, styling workstations have been arranged in a row to open up a central node of space for salon trollies to glide around freely without any hindrance or obstacles. To steer clear from the usual styles of a mirror-heavy salon, the mirrors in each styling workstation are tucked behind a wooden border that frames the reflection of the customer like a painting in a museum.

Along the wall, a decal of a Japanese bonsai has been imprinted onto the wall, representing the sprouts of nature that hold meaningful links to the owner’s home country. To expound the theme of nature, succulents and green have been seamlessly integrated into the design with specially created niches and the placement of hanging vines at various nook and cranny. The effect is a vibrant and cohesive Zen-like space, brightened by the addition of cultivated greens and the harmonising with the wood-like floors.

After a shampooing treatment, customers can move to the hair washing stations kept behind a tall partition wall, discreet and concealed from the high traffic areas, while preserving the fluidity in the main area. Hidden from view are rows of pigeonholes that hold towels and washing necessities, maintaining a high standard of orderliness with the effective use of space.

During the design of the MUSUBI Boutique hair salon, the design team at CAD Associates had to visualise a cohesive feel without alienating the client’s preferences for a stylish theme inspired by the trendy and traditional cultures of Japan. It can be fair to say that the design team has been successful in the careful moderation of design for the high-end Japanese hairstyling salon by relaying a feel of comfort and hospitality while keeping the layout trendy and lighthearted.

CAD Associates,

Accentuate Administrator

Author: Accentuate

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