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An AirLOC system in the Gtech AirRam creates a strong suction to suck both large pieces of debris and fine dust particles into the dust compartment.

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The Gtech AirRam runs on a 22V Lithium-ion battery that could be easily replaced and recharged without the need of a fixed docking station.

Ten years ago, our vacuuming duties had to be restricted to wherever the power plug is. With constant innovation, those troubles have been put to bed especially with the Gtech cordless vacuum cleaners. Designed to get you through taxing household chores in less time and less sweat, the Gtech family of cordless vacuum cleaners has set the standard for high performance machines.

The AirRam stands out in particular from Gtech's range of vacuum cleaners. Since the bagless cleaner was launched in 2012, users have been impressed with its ability to suck fine dust particles and large chunks of debris from flat and uneven surfaces. Moreover, its portable weight of 3.5kg makes it a breeze steering from room to room, under hard to reach spots and tight spaces. The accumulated dust and debris are then compacted to a third of its volume which makes emptying the dust compartment a once in a blue moon occurrence.


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