Down the rabbit hole

Magical wonderland of bling and brawn

Photography by Cris Cheng

July 4, 2019

Surreal, sexy and glamourous aptly describes this gallery experience which awaits the guest. The sensorial exhibition which takes its protracted inspiration from the movie “Hunger Game” and 80’s Pop-Rock “Rock Me Amadeus”, spans across a five-room HDB flat in Yishun. Consultant and design director Cris Cheng and associate design director Edward Wong of Idée Etcetera; focused on showcasing a collection of paintings and art.

Inside, the sounds of the electric guitar and roaring warriors’ screams emanate through the space. Each room has a different gallery and outlandish conceptual scheme. Think skulls, antlers, animal skins and crystal chandeliers.


The light-filled living room is a gallery of sorts and a resting space.

It was a challenge to present a cohesive theme and integrate an existing art collection featuring Asian graphics, as well as themes of love, art and death across the flat. The artefacts are strategically placed within the living spaces with hints of colonialism as a neutral canvass to complement the characterful assemblage. For example, the living room plays host to iconic Buddhist sculptures against a backdrop of wall mouldings in discreet whites with a Tiffany blue streak for contemporary measure. The set of colour theme continues inside with pops of vibrant orange in between for lively contrast.


Hints of colonialism as wall moldings flank the living room. A ceiling boasting architectural curves commands contemporary presence and serves as a neutral canvas to showcase a characterful collection of artefacts.


A custom vanity in a glossy surface maximizes the limited space. Bold streaks in Tiffany blue lightens the somber feel of the Asian sculptures and wall hanging.

In the dining space, deeper tones such as cobalt blue flanked the spot for convivial gatherings. A reflection of a calligraphy in the same hue on the opposite wall.  The kitchen is sexy in smoky greys and black.

A look above will remind the guest of the present. The unique ceiling in curvaceous architectural form hides lighting and houses an equally unique fan. The sculpted ceiling not only leads the design flow from the main entrance into the living spaces and bedrooms, but also enhances a contemporary aesthetic, crucial to balance the medley of themes. Surfaces from sliding doors to storage are decidedly handle-free for a streamlined appeal.

What is rock and roll without some bling. Gold highlights are evident throughout as gilded frames, wall tiles and bathroom fixtures.

If “Rock Me Amadeus” was moody and contemplative of an artistic soul, than this home is the opposite. It is a brilliantly bonkers journey through wild imagination. For the guest would be thankful for falling into the rabbit hole only to be met with a mad tea party for all.


A deeper blue commands in the dining space and in harmony with the artworks in close proximity.


The kitchen exudes a masculine tone in greys and blacks, large enough to fit a cosy dining spot for quick meals.

ED's PICK T9 P6_V128 HF Idee etc_yishun676c3719

Layers of white in the master bedroom brightens the space in leaps and bounds even when the bed is positioned in the centre of the room.

ED's PICK T9 P7_V128 HF Idee etc_yishun676c3690

Cleansing rituals are given prime importance in the bathroom with gilded walls and fixtures. The masterpiece is a Baroque-esque mirror fit for a king.

ED's PICK T9 P8_V128 HF Idee etc_yishun676c3706

White on white works double duty to house storage and brightens tight corners.

ED's PICK T9 P9_V128 HF Idee etc_yishun676c3745

A study corner is marked by a simple desk and open shelving.

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