Creative thinking is key to installing a good-looking and affordable theme.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Alyssa Rosenheck, Francis Dzikowski/OTTO, Nancy Nolan and Rafael Gamo


Standing Baths

Putting a tub smack bang in the middle of a room rather than tucked away in the corner instantly ups the wow factor. The cool chandelier adds to the boutique hotel feel. Interior design by Chad James Group. Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck.

MAGAZINE T78 P2_BFDO ARCHITECTS 20th street house_bathroom1

Wet room

When choosing shower, spending on a sleek barely there frame will make it appear more expansive than it actually is. Choose a stylish spa-like rain-shower head to match. A vibrant flooring will instantly glam up a bathroom. Remember to go for a design that can stand up to the wet and steamy conditions. Interior design by BFDO Architects. Photography by Francis Dzikowski/OTTO.

MAGAZINE T78 P3_BFDO ARCHITECTS 20th street house_bathroom2

Mirror MIrror

If your wallet will not stretch to wall-to-wall tiling, consider playing with reflections. Not only will a generous-sized mirror make a compact space feels larger, it can also be used to bounce a textured tile wall in front of it. Keep things simple with compact vanity units with ample storage for a streamlined vibes. Interior design by BFDO Architects. Photography by Francis Dzikowski/OTTO.

MAGAZINE T78 P4_ARQMOV WORKSHOP Casa SFA_master bathroom

Marvelous Marble

Polished marble is the perfect choice for creating a glamourous bathroom. The Italian arabescato variety offers a more unusual deep veining, which creates drama. Used floor to ceiling and combined with reflective surfaces, this marble gives any bathroom a practical yet luxurious feel.   Interior architecture and design by Arqmov Workshop. Photography by Rafael Gamo.

MAGAZINE T78 P5_V121 Celeb Projects 6 MitchellHill_MasterBathroom-002a

Multi Format Tiling

This scheme uses tiles in a variety of formats on the walls and floor for a striking decorative finish. Using a same tone, the chevron patterned floor complements the horizontal lined large panels on the walls discreetly. Interior design by Mitchell Hill. Photography by Nancy Nolan Photography.



The wall to floor tile cladding helps to shape the bathroom to house a recess bath which is elevated for a spa-like experience. Optimize a generous wall length with a his-and-hers vanity unit integrated with ample storage.  Interior design by BFDO Architects. Photography by Francis Dzikowski/OTTO.


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