Chic and eco-friendly wallcovering

Eco-friendly wallcovering can be chic with new offerings from Goodrich Global featured at Sustainable    Solutions Showcase organized by Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).

Going Green for your walls is an exciting affair with vibrant shades and delectable textures to choose from earthy grass to hemp and iridescent silks to shells. Free from VOC (volatile organic compounds), these natural selections add sparkle, shine and glamour to your favourite spaces.

MAGAZINE T71 P1_Phillips Jeffries_Coffered wood

Coffered wood by Phillips Jeffries. Authentic wood veneer is given a wash of color, cut into pieces and hand laid into a square pattern that plays with the wood grain for a three-dimensional effect.

MAGAZINE T71 P2_Phillip Jeffries_latitude Silks

Latitude Silk by Phillip Jeffries. The rich history of silk inspires a lustrous collection which features slubbing that celebrates the delicate craft. Fine silk is woven, over-dyed and expertly laminated over a glittering metallic ground for ease in installation.

MAGAZINE T71 P3_PhillipS Jeffries_Hemp silver on blue

Saint Germain Hemp II by Phillip Jeffries. Authentic hemp is hand woven and laminated onto a colored paper backing followed by a metallic wash for a chic sparkle.

MAGAZINE T71 P4_Phillip Jeffries_Tess turqoise Grass Roots

Tess Turquoise Grass Roots by Phillip Jeffries. The humble grass in a mélange of colors woven on a selection of metallic, natural and colored backings.

MAGAZINE T71 P5_Omexco Capiz 42511_Foto2B

Capiz Shells by Omexco. The shells are softened, colored with water-base dyes and polished. Each is laminated on a non-woven backing before cutting into strips and finally interwoven with the banana tree bark.

MAGAZINE T71 P6_wallcovering_mindoro_RM_905-1266x760

Kalibo Mindoro by Elitis. Palm fibers are organically dyed and hand washed for a finished look.

MAGAZINE T71 P7_Phillip Jeffries_lillies

Kalibo Mindoro by Elitis. Palm fibers are organically dyed and hand washed for a finished look.


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