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Handcrafted details and quality materials make this stunning home an award winner

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The open plan living area is a vision of materiality, textures and symmetry. A simple leather sofa from Marquis and glass coffee table from Le Mercier completes the look of understated elegance.

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A statement wall in quartz veneer cladding flanks the dining spot punctuated with a furniture from Le Mercier.

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A tinted mirrored wall enhances room’s height and hides ugly cables and pipes.


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Artificial grass carpet lines the balcony and lends the only spot of bright hue in the apartment. The family use this slice of outdoor space for breakfast and evening drinks overlooking the beautiful cityscape of Orchard road.

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A timber lattice screen facing the lift lobby serves to create a sense of privacy away from the balcony and provide a level of ventilation.

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The master bedroom features a partial headboard in black tinted mirror to reflect the full composition of the ceiling lattice feature.

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All furniture in the master bedroom is bespoke to house a dressing area, wardrobes and storage within an open plan scheme.


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The corridor sits on lacquer black granite adjacent to the Oak wood veneer cladding to conceal entry points to the bedrooms.

A glance at the specifications of this 3,150 square feet apartment reveals why it was named winner of the Interior Design Confederation of Singapore Design Excellent Award 2017 in the best residential category. From the façade of narrow lattice-like screens, honey-hued wooden features, and polished granite reveal the thumbprints of the design mastermind that conceptualized them, to the gleaming mirrored wall and crafted lighting, the beauty in this apartment is all in the details.

This penthouse unit at The Trillium is home to a businessman and his three children; starting with the youngest daughter at 16 years and eldest son at 25 years. According to interior designer Stephen Goh at Metaphor Studio, the businessman owner is not a fan of the minimalist aesthetics labelling such interiors as “clinical” and “cold”. The master of the house often hosts parties for clients at home. So a respite which imbues a relaxing state of mind and welcoming vibes is a requisite from the get go.

Since the apartment is poised to be party ready when guests would wander freely, the importance of segregating the private zones takes centre-stage.  All bedrooms door that faces the public spaces like the walkway, kitchen and living areas are re-orientated inwards to offer a level of seclusion – some peace amidst the party.

While much of the apartment’s original marble flooring is retained, Stephen opted for black granite to demarcate the private spaces inside which starts as a raised platform walkway from the living area decked in the ebony shade.  Inside the bedrooms, existing timber flooring is given a new look and stained in dark walnut.

The palette throughout the apartment is sumptuously dark, a sophisticated mix of black lacquer and warm wood tones, punctuated by occasional splashes of high shine from the polished marble flooring and tinted mirrored wall.

There are many design highlights in the living area which is essentially the party zone. For a start, a feature wall stained in Oak veneer conceals state of the art entertainment system and also doubles as a showcase for the owner’s art collection. The timber strips feature extends to the ceiling to create an exclusive club-like experience.

Another concealment feat lies upwards where a tinted mirror is integrated in the ceiling feature adjacent to the dining area to accentuate its height and hide ugly air-con ducted units.

It can be hard to give a space a sense of opulence without making it feel flamboyant. Here, a new design dialect prevails with a thoughtful mix of nature inspired textures and tones to complement.

Walking into the apartment after a long day at work is very relaxing. The calming colours are catalysts to a state of mindful rest.