Multi-room audio is fun and easy with Yamaha MusicCast ecosystem. Now you can enjoy music everywhere without the cables.


Positioned as an all-in-one home theatre system, the YAS-408 sound bar features DTS Virtual:X - a new technology that delivers immersive 3D surround sound for your movies, shows, and sports, making it sound like you have speakers around you, and even above you.


No bigger than the size of a palm, the WX-021 punches above its weight with two-way, two speaker systems which generates plentiful to fill a room.


The sleek and compact design of the YAS-408 sound bar makes adapting to existing interior themes a seamless affair.

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Connectivity between the players in Yamaha MusicCast ecosystem.

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The MusicCast app intuitive features allows easy customization.

Imagine having music in every room controlled with the single push of a button from anywhere within the house. 

Yamaha's MusicCast system is designed to incorporate anything and everything you plug into a Yamaha receiver, plus Wi-Fi-ready speakers and sound bars to be controlled from anywhere in the home through a central app accessible on a smartphone.

Granddad could be playing the Beatles in the bedroom while the princess in the family pirouettes to the Waltz in the living room.

The future is in the digital. Time to get connected.

sleek soundbar

Sound as good as it looks, the Yamaha YAS-408 (nicknamed: MusicCast Bar 400) can function as an individual sound system with its dedicated wireless subwoofer. It supports high-res audio as well as Dolby Digital, DTS, and DTS Virtual:X decoding, giving you the immersive experience of being wraparound completely by sound effects without needing to complicate your setup with additional speakers. For larger listening spaces, it lets you add optional surround speakers wirelessly via the MusicCast Surround protocol.

Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity is where the real power of this soundbar lies. It allows you to wirelessly stream music from other compatible devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Fans of online music services can depend on the YAS 408 sound bar to tap into the never-ending online library, including that of Spotify and Tidal.

Not only does the sound bar enhances the audio experience, its minimalist and compact profile/design ensures a seamless integration into any existing interior decoration whether it is placed on a furniture or wall mounted.

wireless speaker

The wireless WX-021 (nicknamed: MusicCast 20) is crafted into a sleek capsule that pleases the eye as readily as it folds into the background of any interior decor. The speaker currently comes in two colors: jet black or white.

The speaker's smart and compact profile is ideal for a kitchen or bedroom use. As well as working with the MusicCast system, the WX-021 can accept audio streams from any Bluetooth device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Despite its small size, the WX-021 is a hefty little beast and built to a really high standard and finish. Its upright cylinder design offers 40w of output split between a woofer, tweeter and 2 passive radiators for extra bass. For double the output, simply pair the speakers, and enjoy wider listening sweetspot with a better soundstaging. The MusicCast app will assign one WX-021 speaker as the Right and the other as the Left.

set up

If you have spent any time with multi-room audio systems or any Wi-Fi connected speakers, you know that connecting to your home network is a frustrating task.

With MusicCast, all you need is the app, pushing the button on top of the speaker initiates a quick walkthrough to connect to your router. It is all system go once the router is initiated.

Breaking down MusicCast, the multi-room audio-visual setup can be achieved with the creation of a two-piece starter set. A sound bar like the YAS-408 can be connected to the television, Blu-ray player and CD player. While additional wireless streaming speakers like the WX-021 can be added as complements in other rooms or in an adjacent room to the living like the dining room. This allows for a continuous play of sound perfect for sharing music or audio within a space segregated by walls.

Yamaha MusicCast App

MusicCast Controller app boasts some very intuitive features that separate it from the pack once you get going. The app allows you to send sound to each speaker from the same source, or multiple sources, control the volume of each speaker independently, and name each individual zone.

Customize each MusicCast zone from the app, either with names like 'Bedroom' or 'Kitchen'. You can also opt for stock photos to represent each room or even grab personal photos from your own library.

Linking and unlinking zones is easy thanks to the dedicated "Link" key, and there are some thoughtful control features built in, such as an auto-delay when raising the volume to prevent you from accidentally blasting out a speaker with an errant swipe. You can also access basic AV receiver control functions through the app, and even pull up Yamaha's full receiver Controller system, all from inside MusicCast.

Special FeaturesYamaha YAS-408Yamaha WX-021
Wireless Connectivity to Other Speakers
Wireless Control of Speaker via MusicCast App
Access to Online Music Services
Connectivity to Smartphones/Tablets via built in Bluetooth
Compressed Music Enhancer
Clear Voice
Dolby Digital & DTS Decoding
DTS Virtual:X 3D Surround


Yamaha, www.sg.yamaha.com