The recent Paris Agreement that most of the nations have signed in June this year has proven that global warming is as real as it gets. Among one of their plans to mitigate the effects of global warming is in the cutting of greenhouse gas emissions. Aside from the use of electricity (note: air-conditioning or heaters) in our homes, we should look no further than our bathrooms. With water consumption and the energy used to process them at an all-time-high, it is high time we modify our behaviours to preserve the better part of Mother Earth for generations to come.


A lower flow rate in bathroom products means an overall decrease in water consumption. The hansgrohe Crometta decreases water consumption by up to 60% with its sophisticated flow limitation technology.

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The hansgrohe RainDance shower series uses its impressive AirPower Technology to suck in an ample supply of air and redirecting it to the water supply for voluminous and softer droplets.

tip 1: choose bathroom products with lower flow-rates

If it is an option, adopt shower products in the bathroom with lower floor rates. Not only would it help reduce overall water consumption, huge savings to one's water and energy bill would be introduced. Water-efficient shower products contribute to the conservation of the environment and its limited resources.

The hansgrohe Crometta hand showers has adopted the EcoSmart technology which limits water flow to six litres per minute, a decrease of up to 60% in water consumption due to its sophisticated flow limitation, special jets and the admixture of air. The EcoSmart technology too uses lower energy and reduces carbon dioxide output by saving hot water.

tip 2: never leave the tap running

It is a given that the longer we leave the tap running, the more water goes right down the drain. Depending on the mixer, the amount of water wasted runs along the lines of 7 to 20 litres of water each minute for when you are washing your hands, or brushing your teeth with the tap running.

Other convenient options are to invest in self-closing mixers that restrict water flow after a certain run time or basin mixers with easy on-off mechanisms. The hansgrohe Talis Select washbasin mixer can be operated easily by pressing the select button at the top of the mixer with one's fingers, hand or forearm. The easy-to-use mixer flows at 5 litres per minute and even less when activated only when necessary by hand.

tip 3: the right technology

Products in the bathroom too are keeping up with the times! In keeping up with modern technology, hansgrohe has paid attention to the research and development of new products for a pleasurable shower experience. In the hansgrohe RainDance shower series, the innovative AirPower Technology sucks in an ample supply of air and redirects them into the incoming water to make each droplet more voluminous and softer, thereby, achieving a thorough lather and scrub with lesser water used. 

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