Seamless transitions with a contemporary surrounding


As the nexus of the common areas, the living room serves as the extension of the balcony and segue to study spaces.


Kept sufficiently spacious, as the dining area is utilised often for extented family gatherings.


Elements aligned, showcasing a path charting the transition between the common spaces.


Practical and highly user-friendly, the kitchen follow a modern layout, augmented by sleek design tendencies.


Eschewing traditional rails, the staircase is in itself an exercise in architectural verve by the design team, with double-tier hand rails at different heights employed for maximum usability,


A generously fenestrated interior is the underlying commonality, simply because Daniel prefers natural light and ventilation.

Defining a contemporary yet warm interior to suit a young family's lifestyle was the key design directive for this maisonette home. Metaphor Studio, led by Principal Designer Angela Tantry, also had to consider the welfare of the children, while ensuring spaciousness to house the family's treasured possessions. The homeowners were also frequently visited by their extended family, creating a need for fluidity between spaces as well.

Unbound to specific themes, Angela and her team sought to resolve the practical needs of the homeowners, allowing aesthetic elements to emerge naturally during the process. Angela credits her company's sensitivity to geometry and proportion as a contributing factor to such creative spontaneity.

In order to create a timeless interior, a neutral palette was selected. The application of stone textures provide a sense of tactility, while the coordination of black slate flooring drew, and linked, the exterior balcony into the interior. Stone veneers dictated the demarcation between public and semi-private spaces such as the kitchen.

Together, these elements serve as the backdrop of the corridor, which doubles up as a gallery, exhibiting decorative ornaments and collectible pieces. Binding the interior as a whole is the light wood wall panelling, marking the central volume within the home. Here, storage is also maximised, the panels revealing additional clutter-hiding options.

On each side of the central volume lies expansive living and dining spaces, left minimalist to cater to high volumes of traffic considering the homeowners' propensity to host family functions. An added bonus is the natural ventilation, wind flowing through the seamless spaces courtesy of the balcony's passage to the living room.

The wood panels of the central volume segue into an innovative stairway, double-tiered handrails catering to dual generational needs. Upstairs, special attention was paid to fenestration works to ensure maximum light and ventilation for the common and master bathrooms. Inside the master bedroom, more spatial expertise was exercised; the walk-in closet saw its originally unused rear panel fitted with a wall mounted television.

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