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Searching for high quality furniture design in Singapore has always been a challenge for some. As a city-state country, finding a reliable retail store for indoor or outdoor furniture to decorate and beautify your home is difficult. But as an interior design portal, we want to make this process easier by bringing the stores to you.

Your home should be visually beautiful as it represents you. That means designer sofas, modern coffee tables, work desks, wooden benches, foldable chairs, paintings and other amazing home accessories to bring out the look and feel you have in mind.

And the good news is, bringing out your individual unique style should be enjoyable, especially since we’ve brought the various furniture outlets online. Simply, browse through their online catalogue and make your dream home become a reality.


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Whether you are living large with space abundant, or locating the best for small spaces, you can maximize floor space with strategic furniture placements.

homes with…large spaces

Furnitures T6 1 Cozy Corners

cozy corners

Carve an intimate niche for lounging within a larger room. While large spaces can accommodate a common seating area, it is always handy to have clustered seatings for more privacy. Mark the spot easily with a piece of statement furniture or two such as an armchair and a side table.

TIP - Frame out the wall with an ornamental trim with paints or wall paper to define this cosy space. This adds a touch of laidback luxe and elegance to the room. Alternatively, you can choose to install a window seat or a mini library complete with a wall storage unit.

Furnitures T6 2 Work station

work station

Be mindful of potential sun glare when conceptualising the workstation. A great way to do so is by testing the situation with a table of similar height to the one you are planning to have, as you do not want to be forced to shut blinds or curtains, especially so if the workstation is part of a multipurpose living room.

homes with…small spaces

Furnitures T6 3 Wall duty

wall duty

Create a multipurpose space in your room, by using the walls to your advantage. Allocating a simple desk unit and adding a collection of shelves above are great for necessary storage.

Furnitures T6 4 Double duty

multi-purpose action

Install a concealed Murphy bed which can be easily used for occasional guests. During the day though, store the bed for spacious purposes.

TIP - When dealing with small bedrooms, do not compromise on extra space; adding wall mounted shelves above a desk provides additional display and storage space. As these shelves and desks are built into the wall, it takes up little room and maintains the bedroom’s open path.

Furnitures T6 5 MIrrors

reflective glory

Mirrors are one of the best and simplest tricks in design, especially the addition of a full-length mirror to visually expand space. Mirrors help accomplish this task by reflecting light, brightening a room, while reflections always make things larger than they appear. For best results, place a mirror on the wall opposite a window, reflecting incoming light. An alternative would be lining a ceiling with mirrors, creating the illusion of skylight. Dark entrances, back porches and bathroom spaces in particular can be instantly revived by an entire ceiling mirror.

dos to maximizing storage

Appease your need to hoard and collect effectively with these clever storage tips!


    1. A coffee table has been elevated into a must-have for most of modern living rooms. However, not only is the coffee table suitable for displaying pictorial collections; add functionality by getting a table with useful, layered storage space. Tiered coffee tables are excellent for being both aesthetically pleasing and functional.


    2. Beds come in handy, namely the storage platform bed, perfect for loft or townhouse living. Available in a variety of designs, these beds come with drawers beneath or along the sides of the bed; customised ones even allow you elect where these drawers protrude from. This provides the equivalent of having a dresser or chest of drawers beneath the bed, making it an optimal solution for bedrooms short on space and storage room.


    3. Built-in furniture allows you to create a smooth transition between spaces, a coherent decoration since it looks like a part of the home itself, allowing for a beautiful blend especially in contemporary or minimalist interior designs. Because of this, a large built-in piece of furniture looks more slender than a free-standing one with similar dimensions. Built-ins also come with immense storage space, at times occupying an entire wall, but without making the room feel smaller. Also, lighting can be easily integrated into the built-in furniture, serving great ambience! Ultimately, the best kind of built-ins are the tailored ones, specific to your needs.

Planning a productive space for cooking to suit lifestyles from busy to laidback.

Bathrooms big and small can have the royal design treatment to raise the game on cleansing rituals

Giving the soft focus to interiors with tactile upholstery and wallpaper.

lluminate spaces with lights which combines form and function.

Decorate your rooms with trending and functional furniture in a style which reflects your personality.

The facts and figures on hard surfaces that performs.

Keeping cool and comfortable with the latest in air conditioning.

Create order and imbue comfort in a room where you unwind and rejuvenate.

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