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Refurbished Lounge Bar In Singapore’s ‘Gotham’ Building

February 12, 2018

The original three-storey high liquor cabinet has been retained and now holds the world’s largest collection of gin.

Relief structures, gilded surfaces and lush fabrics are some of the design touches used to build on the impeccable décor.

The elaborate space is illustrated with organically-shaped cabinets and texture-rich seaters.

Idealised by developer CS Hwang from Chyau Fwu Development, the building’s blueprints is inspired by the Art Deco European skyscrapers. 15 years has since passed following its completion and to reflect the movement into the 21 st century, the pre-existing wine lounge within the lobby has been completely overhauled by multidisciplinary design practice HASSELL under the oversight of Chyau Fwu Development.

Old is layered with new to drive forward a gentler and more evolutionary approach. To preserve a part of history, the design team had carefully approached the project as a conservation one with contemporary enhancements.

During the refurbishment, the furniture was custom-designed to marry contemporary styles with decorative period touches – soft leather armchairs wrapped with tropical prints and deep cherry leather sofas provide seating around marble top tables. Organically-shaped cabinets with heavy metallic brass handles lock away utensils and glassware when not in use.

Certain signatures of the lobby bar like the three-storey liquor cabinet were retained. The imposing liquor cabinet, which once featured female bartenders dressed as fairies who retrieved wine bottles with the assistance of a flying wire apparatus, has now been turned into a holding for the world’s largest collection of gin of over 800 bottles. An additional platform and leaning ladders have been constructed for the bartenders to get a hold on out-of- reach spirits. At the base of the liquor cabinet, a rose gold walk-in champagne room has been added for guests to sample a fine selection of champagne, some of which were personally selected from the Parkview Family cellar.

Within the heart of Parkview Square, the lobby bar celebrates the beverage traditions of underground speakeasies of the 1920’s, dancing with the glamour of Art Deco and the elegance of the Jazz Age. While the bar lives in eloquence and grandeur, it stops at grandiloquent – if anything, anyone and everyone with an unquenchable thirst is invited to settle down on a barstool and nurse a cold one.


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