Hundred Percent Commitment

Mindful fabrics to beautify and protect your living spaces

February 12, 2018

Distributed by Hong Ming, Covington Fabric & Design have provided beautiful, trend-leading design since 1940.

Hatfield Lavender upholstery made from eco-friendly textiles, ensuring a non-toxic and pollution-free experience- from production to the duration of its usage.

Blackout curtains lending pizazz and peace of mind to this home gymnasium.

Since 1989, Hong Ming has been a dedicated contributor to the finishing touches of a home. The soft-furnishing renaissance culminated in the production of their breakthrough offering: the market’s first-ever 100 percent washable blackout curtains, utilised with avant-garde technological advancements, providing users with numerous functions.

Commited to ensure customer satisfaction and product quality assurance, Hong Ming blackout curtains uses a 4-pass coated fabric (as compared to the industry maximum of 3) to absord direct light sources. The fabrics do not contain any harmful toxins, and its ingredients are imported directly from the United States, with strict quality checking.

Additionally, it is completely washable, and industry first. It is continously tested to ensure this, even at Singapore landry shops under high temperatures. It is also laboratory tested to ensure the blockage of heat and Ultraviolet Rays, as well as to aid noise reduction.

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