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February 12, 2018

Imitation is known to be a form of flaterry, but tiles kick things up a notch. With the limitations of placing real timber and concrete around and about, lookalike tiles are growing to surpass the original with its practicality, eco-sensibility and easy-maintenance- without displacing style.

The best part is you don’t need to limit these tiles for floor placements, as walls and even exteriors can accommodate these new introductions. Aspire for more with these hassle-free lookalikes, unlocking realms towards more aesthetic- and eco-friendly- possibilities

1. atlas concorde bord, hafary

subtle shades

Natural veining and subtle shade-on-shade colour variations characterise the timber-look Atlas Concode Bord. Its rustic look is ideal for hotel-inpired classical luxe spaces. Its subtlety provides added aesthetic verve to its surroundings. Enquire at Hafary.

2. downtown, hafary

pleasantly pedastrian

ABK’s Downtown collection holds varied material inspirations, birthing a brand new original surface, one that is fondly reminiscent of trampled sidewalks, Enquire at Hafary.

3. mirage allways, rice fields

scandinavian savour

Inspired by the principles of Scandinavian design, Mirage Allways is a timber-look that sees the amalgamation of purity, minimalism and functionality. Great for wet spaces as it is finished with a water glaze or planed effect. Enquire at Rice Fields.

4. ragno rewind, rice fields

reinventing timelessness

A contemporary reimagining of timeless materials lie in Ragno’s Rewind collection. Its sophisticated hues make it suitably inclusive in either classic or contemporary themed homes. Enquire at Rice Fields.

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