In & Out

Your outdoor space should be a seamless transition from the inside out with open spaces for dining, cooking and entertaining. A spot of nature always invigorates and also induces wellness. Here are fresh ideas to reboot outdoor space.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Alex Jeffries, Adrian Ozimek, Julien Kerdraon, Maxime Brouillet

August 15, 2019

MAGAZINE 148 P1_ma!ca GOM House_40034

Shady Business

The transformed kitchen is now an important part of the house, directly connected to the garden life which links between the indoor and the outdoor space. A luscious pergola hovers above timber decking to extend a rustic chic cosiness. Interior design by (ma!ca) architecture. Photography by Julien Kerdraon.

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Driving Up the Wall

Maintaining plants indoors can be a challenging affair for those without green fingers. Opt for nature inspired fittings instead. Here, a wall installation of foliage frippery reflects the nature outside on its graphic pattern. Interior design by (ma!ca) architecture. Photography by Julien Kerdraon.


Gardens from Within

Elegant and resilient, bamboos make great indoor plants. A double-height glazed atrium filled with bamboo trees at the entrance brings natural daylight into the lower level entertainment and recreation rooms. Interior design by Trevor McIvor Architect Inc. Photography by Adrian Ozimek.

MAGAZINE 148 P4_ASKDECO One Oak 5A2 8_38689

Vertical Garden

Between those breathtaking vistas, One Oak 5A2 is a vibrant and colorful space that oozes with life. A balcony overlooking Beirut’s skyline is fitted with a wall of verdant foliage to offer a cooling respite amidst the heat outside. Interior design by Askdeco. Photography by Alex Jeffries.

MAGAZINE 148 P5_ASKDECO One Oak 5A2 9_38701

Fresh Take

Elevate the shower experience with nature inspired walls and floors. A Bisazza tiled shower pattern of trailing foliage from the floor to the wall and provides desired continuity between the high-rise unit’s internal and external spaces. Interior design by Askdeco. Photography by Alex Jeffries.

MAGAZINE 148 P6_AUDAX V126_10_44352

Potted Plants

Planters are great ways to organise indoor plants. Within a balcony, place a series of white planters at the windows edge for a neat spot of nature. Interior design by Audax. Photography by Erik Rotter.

MAGAZINE 148 P7_YH2_Dans l'Escarpement 48922

Glorious Glazing

Capture a remarkable landscape with windows – huge ones. The intermediate level is the true heart of this house with its windowed walls opening up to the surrounding forest. The living dining area expands outdoors with a terrace built on the roof of the guests’ suite. Interior design by yh2 Architecture. Photography by Maxime Brouillet.

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