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We hear from the experts on how to make the most out of kitchen layouts from big to small.

We crack the brains of these interior designers who share clever ideas and inspirations that delivers your dream kitchen. Ultimately, crafting your personal kitchen with the aid of engaging and efficient designers ensure each component of the space is based on your aesthetic preference, material quality, availability and budget.

living large

Square Feet Area: Above 180 square feet


With the luxury of spaciousness, the sleek kitchen island was made to extend and serve bar counter and dining options, adding to the upscale dynamism of the bungalow’s interior. Interior design by Metaphor Studio.

- Minimise visual boundaries within the kitchen.

- Separate the wet and dry areas; applying only the necessary items within the wet area, leaving the dry area to be incorporated with other living spaces.

- Illuminations help mark the presence of a boundary between the kitchen and other common spaces.

- Full-height units are great for larger kitchens, achieving a complete visual hierarchy for your other fittings.

- If you face a scale too large, extend the island unit to be a part of a dining or bar setting, dispensing the monotony and elevating a dynamic common space visual.

middle ground

Square Feet Area: From 100 square feet to 180 square feet

KITCHEN T1 P1b_V107 Design rebirth

Tranquillity is the name of the game in this midsized kitchen, swathes of white emanating a soft, sensual flow to the surroundings where the hollowed backsplash allocates storage options and the carpentry complements the equipment. Interior design by Design Rebirth.

- In a mid-sized kitchen, the first thing you want done is the layout configuration; a kitchen ‘triangle’ is optimal. Positioning the fridge, sink and cooking area at three points of an invisible triangle allows for a seamless floor.

- Segment table top space for different uses, leaving transitionary areas for breathing room and added spatial function in mid-sized spaces.

- Equipment function and aesthetics should be measured before placement. Ensure the fridge, hood, hob and backsplash areas are to be proportional to the cabinetry.

- Mid-sized kitchens also allow the usage of larger equipment that allow for added power and efficiency.

- Plan and select appropriately between drawers and doors for storage areas, and if the doors are going to open to the left or right.

- Ideally, two mid-sized kitchens are optimal- a dry and wet one. Homeowners will have the opportunity to achieve fullest form and function capabilities with both spaces performing relevant duties.

small wonder

Square Feet Area: Below 100 square feet


Clever storage solutions is a mainstay with small kitchens according to Eric Lim of Nativ9 Design LLP.

- Organise your cooking utensils and keep them off kitchen counters; a cutlery divider is a good idea.

- Consider proper aisle space and traffic flow when designing your cabinets.

- Maximise the internal carcass of your cabinet doors- use hooks inside upper cabinets for small items hanging close to eye level, like cups and light items.

- Mounting a pot rack above the island or on a roving kitchen cart keeps pots and pans within easy reach and frees up drawer storage for other essentials.

- Install open shelves on the perimeter of the kitchen, providing storage for lighter items, displayed for easy reach.

- Installing cabinets with glass doors as well as large windows in your kitchen area help naturally illuminate and visually widen the space.

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