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Planning your home’s lighting design has never been easier with our established lighting manufacturers and suppliers. Choosing the right type of bulb for your home is a critical step to bringing out the perfect home design you’ve always been dreaming of.

And our experts on board are here to guide you and share industry best practices, tips and other interior design tricks to effectively illuminate your house. The way you want it to. Especially in a bustling city like Singapore where you may be receiving unwanted lighting from the streets.

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Light Therapy – Bright Ideas to Illuminate your Space

Light is integral in uplifting a room’s ambience and transforms it into a cohesive combination of design, functionality and style. Lighting can make or break the ambience of a room. The choice of lighting and its placements warrants thoughtful considerations such as the functions of a particular space.

When choosing lighting fixtures, consider these three tips:

TIP 1: Ambient or General Lighting provides light throughout a room. Think overhead lights like chandeliers and ceiling fixtures.

TIP 2: Task Lighting adds extra light to areas where chores and activities get done such as reading a book in bed, chopping foods in the kitchen and applying makeup.

TIP 3:  Accent or Decorative Lighting adds interest to the décor or architecture such as drop ceilings, in built lighting within cabinetry designs and focus lighting over a picture.

The new chandelier

Get seriously up to date with these new contemporary twist on a classic
BEST FOR: Injecting glamour without going over the top

Star appeal

The cascading tiny crystal droplets on this chandelier forms an arresting overlay against an interior setting decorated with classic undertones. Deceivingly simple in design, the illuminated effect is modern and effortlessly elegant. Interior design by Michelle Workman Interiors.


Contemporary cool

Every home deserves a spot of glitz. With an open plan living space, mark the spot with a statement lighting such as a chandelier. The clustered shades give this classic lighting a modern twist. Interior design by Elements ID Consultants. Photography by Andy Liew.

Spot on

Invest in stylish and effective task lighting
BEST FOR: Spaces where specific directional lighting is needed such as study rooms, bathrooms, dining spaces and kitchens.

On duty

A floor lamp gives you control over the direction and focus of the specific area in need of light especially in a lounge spot for reading. Have two identical pairing for visual impact. Interior design by Birgit Nicolay of Nicolay Design.


Hang on

Pendant lighting is a great way to offer select illumination especially for dining. The cozy glow is alluring and provides a lasting impact. Interior design and architecture by Provencher Roy. Photography by DevMcGill – TMSA


Strip lighting

Highlight and outline architectural features
BEST FOR: Giving subtle illumination to built-in fittings, ceilings or stairwells.

Juxtapose prose

Highlight the architectural bones in a space with strip lighting. Incredibly versatile, the lighting can be tailored to any length and bent around cornices to fulfill a desired effect. The warm colored LED lighting in this dressing area helps induce a welcoming ambience perfectly. Interior design by CAD Associates. Photography by Michael Dur, Best Arts Photography.


Alcove illumination

Highlight unique design details into a nice glow with LED strips to provide a stunning functional visual display. Interior Design by Metamorph Design.


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