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Balancing Act

Swedish inspired Lagom make its way into our daily schedule to our private spaces where conscious buying and slow design are taking centre stage.

Asian Sensibilities

An elegant tribute to the East.

Rainbow of Possibilities

All natural wallcovering that illuminates the home

Tea-rific Time

Laboratory-inspired glassware for hosting

All on Lagom

A sustainable and balanced lifestyle

Lean On

Smart sofa

Relaxed Rustic

Calm. Cool. Carefree.

Colour Blocking

Pairing a few solid hues to create a single bold look

Driving Up The Wall

Chic eco-friendly wallcovering

Staying Connected

Keeping customers happy is a serious business at Pet Lovers Centre

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Stop procrastinating and start reflecting

The Suite Life

Supersizing the compact living environment

For The Love Art

Designer home fit for art gallery owner

Of Flora and Fauna

Nature inspired wallcovering

Less Is More

Sleek and weightless wooden chair with minimal timbre consumption

Ain’t No Mountain Higher

Capturing the wonder of mother nature in acrylic

All’s Well

Serenity in the skylines

Sustainability Foremost

Bou-teak furniture for the Home

Flex It

Robotic chandelier lamp with a flexible body

Close Control

Intelligent sink for an ergonomic workspace.

Flame On

Hobs for the asian kitchen.

Cities of Love

Building dreams, shaping the future.

Child’s Play

Rooms that grow with your little people.

Inspiring Art Into Life

5000-square-foot Loft for a Professional Photographer

Upward Mobility

An enjoyable home for cats and humans.

Making Room For Pooch

Transforming nooks and crannies into cozy spaces.

New Guards

Society of Interior Designers Singapore elects new council members.

Monochrome Magic

Brave ways on doing black and white for a cool and collected space

Modern Sensibilities

Clever space maximization transforms this four-room apartment into a space fit for three generations

Architectural Symphony

From Dark and Dated to Modern Mediterranean

Make A Splash

Elevate monochrome bathrooms into a stunning space for rejuvenation. Start with these simple tricks to transform the space from drab to dramatic.

Fantasy Island

Dreaming of a kitchen island? We hear you. A much sought after feature, the kitchen island can help set boundaries while housing a sink, appliances and seating. Here are 6 clever ways to incorporate extra space in your cooking hub.

Kitchen Confidentials

Building a full-fledged kitchen for the home chef

Private Zone

Give the neutral palette a rest in the bedroom and shake things up with a shot of colour or two. Conjure your fantasy bedroom with vividly arresting hues and luxurious textures. Create a romantic feel in your bedroom and private zones by following a few simple rules. Combine textures such as velvet, satin, leather and faux fur with a show-stopping chandelier or dressing table with mirrored surfaces for a glamorous touch. Here are six decadent ideas in slumber land.

Kitchen Crusade

We hear from the experts on how to make the most out of kitchen layouts from big to small.

Small Wonder

A How-to Directory to Furnishing Rooms Under 14.6 sqm

Unconventional & Quirky

Service Apartment with Functional Hip Spaces

Oriental Escape

Thai-influenced Dual-leveled Penthouse on Mergui Road

Orientalism Done Right

A fengshui-friendly home with a Neo-Chinese twist

Modern Domestication

A home for everyone

Rock Star

Bending the rules proves to be a rewarding design choice for this daring designer

Cosmopolitan Calm

A palette of soothing neutrals, polished marble and pale wood creates a peaceful oasis amid the urban cityscape

Scaling New Heights

Bright and lively atmosphere in dual-leveled loft

Natural Inclinations

Designing without boundaries

For the Young

Seamless transitions with a contemporary surrounding

On the Wild Side

Elegant luxe duplex playhouse for the family

Extension of Self

How Singapore's Godfather of Fashion shattered the mould of home living, inspiring a very eclectic and personal dwelling.

Hot Desking

Ways to incorporate the hard working table into spaces big and small.

Doctor’s Orders

A cutting egde and welcoming dermatology clinic

Holistic Transition

The ultimate high-end automotive showroom

Every Drop Counts

Mindful water consumption

Kicking Up A Notch

Improvements to a popular model make this projector an industry front-runner.

We’re Big Fans

Wood and Bamboo models with wow factor

Work It

Knockout home office ideas to steal

Light Therapy

Bright ideas to illuminate your space

Recline on the Incline

Chic seats for lounging

Green & Botanical

Green will never grow old as plants and vivid colour.

In With Granite

Timelessness and quality found in nature

Cut the Cord

DCRS @ Home Home Design Designers Profile Magazine Commercial Spaces Member Contact Us CUT THE CORD An AirLOC system in the Gtech AirRam creates a strong suction to suck both large pieces of debris and fine dust particles into the dust compartment. The Gtech AirRam runs on a 22V Lithium-ion battery that could be easily…

Spate of Luxury

Channeling old world charm and timeless style

Super Natural

Humble wood and bamboo updated

Coastal Living

A family-centric beach retreat yielding to the colours of surrounding sea and sand

Brown is the New Black

A radical shift towards sustainable showcases

One For the Future

Adaptability and functionality in customizable furniture

Inventive Manners

Establishing new techniques of expression

Under the Shade

Smart blinds for modern spaces

Living Easy

A row house for books and cats

Establishing Style

Historically-informed art across diverse mediums

Sustainability in Motion

Bright and clean beachside home going green

Artistic Ingenuity

Stockholm’s brutalist architecture revived with art and contemporary styles

Steeped in History

Peace and Loving in the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth.

From the Outside In

Peek into this 2500-square-foot shophouse with an open concept.

Architectural Symphony

Laying the Groundwork for a Four-Generation Household.

Set in Stone

Putting marble on the pedestal.

Table Fable

Now is the time to take your living hall situation to the highest of heights, so go forth and admire our selection of coffee tables!

Bright Lights

Stunning standing lamps to light up your space

Cabin(et) Fever

Keep it closed and concealed with these storage savers

White & Wood

From Dark and Dated to Modern Mediterranean

Hot Seats

European inspired sofas

Sofa So Good

Loungers which pull double duty

Sleep Easy

Beds with top forms and functions

Champion Material

Thu humble surface revolutionised

Page Turner

A magazine-inspired fashion retail store

Child’s Play

Fun and Games at Children’s Clothing Boutique

Up and Over

Capturing Luxe and Timelessness In a Duplex Penthouse

Touch Wood

Why wood -look tiles are a practical and stylish alternative to real timber

Up In Black And White

Elegant luxe duplex playhouse for the family

Cut Above The Rest

Nature and zen in Japanese hairstyling salon

Middle Eastern Opulence

Where style meets tradition

Imitation Game

Wood-look and cement-look tiles are practical and stylish alternatives for homes

Hundred Percent Commitment

Mindful fabrics to beautify and protect your living spaces

House of Worldly Sophistication

Refurbished Lounge Bar In Singapore’s ‘Gotham’ Building

Nature’s Paradise

Clever space maximization transforms this four-room apartment into a space fit for three generations.

Bathing Beauties

Small bathrooms can be grand too with the star treatment

Under Wraps

From Dark and Dated to Modern Mediterranean

Smart Cooling

Control your home's temperature from anywhere in the world via a smartphone

Get Enchanted

An exuberant artistic performance

Young, Wild, and Free

Keeping Groovy with Promising Artists Under 40

Tankless Task

Energy-saving storage water heater in a slim profile

Spinning Yarn

Three-dimensional rug for the living hall

Come Together

A Simple Magnet-operated Wooden Lamp

Planning a productive space for cooking to suit lifestyles from busy to laidback.

Bathrooms big and small can have the royal design treatment to raise the game on cleansing rituals

Giving the soft focus to interiors with tactile upholstery and wallpaper.

lluminate spaces with lights which combines form and function.

Decorate your rooms with trending and functional furniture in a style which reflects your personality.

The facts and figures on hard surfaces that performs.

Keeping cool and comfortable with the latest in air conditioning.

Complete and update your spaces with the latest in technology and materials.

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