Transforming nooks and crannies into cozy spaces

So you have a new dog in the house! Providing a comfortable and stylish habitat for Fido does not have to be expensive.

Many pet parents have been integrating dedicated rest areas for their pets into the homes. Granted a room dedicated to your pup may seem ideal, but it is more a luxury than a necessity. Another option is to install nooks into pre-existing furniture, which could take on various functions: as a playpen, temporary resting spot or a bed.

Whether you opt to devote an entire room or part of a room for pooch, choose a spot that is relatively quiet with less human traffic and away from direct sunlight or air-conditioning vents. Dogs are social creatures, so a nook near the living area is ideal. Here are clever ideas to integrate a cozy spot for pooch.

Here are a 6 essentials to get you started:

1) a cozy bed with good support
2) a crate if you are house training a puppy or dog
3) feeding bowls
4) Feeding mats or trays to keep your floors clean
5) a toy box or bin to store toys and keep the space neat
6) interactive toys to keep doggy entertained

Convert a side-table to a nesting pad

Instead of trying to hide your pet's bedding from guests, why not turn it into furniture? To accommodate a nesting area in the living hall, why not consider transforming the common side table into one? Add dog beds to the base of side tables and leave your pup's favourite toys there. It would not take long for them to get cushy with their new spot! For family members worried about scents and odours seeping through, try mesh nets on the side for regular airflow.

Feeding bowls in the kitchen

Do away with leaving feeding bowls on the kitchen floor and all the mess that comes with it. Customize a cozy little nook in the wooden kitchen counter or island for a streamlined design that is non-obtrusive, hidden from view and convenient. Refilling these food bowls for your pets would be no harder than getting a drink from the refrigerator.


Taking a hint from the boy who lived (in the cupboard under the stairs), the bottom of the stairs might just be the perfect spot for your dwelling pets. One could integrate a nook with ample space for a dog bed. A designated space like this gives owners the opportunity to dress up their doggy playpen and give pups a place to call their own. Another way is to carve out a dog alcove in the staircase.

Pullout dog bowl


Stow away the feeding bowls! Customize a built-in feeding bowl to fit into a drawer. Not only does it reduce mess during feeding time, it enables you to control meals and stick to a regular feeding schedule with the hideaway feature. Households with two or more pets could dedicate two separate feeding bowls for differing diets or turn the remaining drawer space into a holder for toys and kibbles.

Under-desk management

If interior modifications are not possible in the home, how about converting the space under an unused desk into a resting pad for your pets. For added comfort, measure up the dimensions and install a dog bed that would fit the space snugly. Your dog will appreciate the comfort and will repay you with company while you work.