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February 12, 2018

A fresh European-influenced vibe is present in the Fat Prince. Gold-embossed cabinets and mirrors and marble countertops add a touch of bling to the café.

Relief structures, gilded surfaces and lush fabrics are some of the design touches used to build on the impeccable décor.

Candle-lit oil lamps are hung from the ceiling in varying heights and can be operated with a pulley system.

Through the velvet curtains, a whole new world will be presented at the Ottoman Room.

Compared to its swanky bar-like counterpart sitting across, the Ottoman Room will present an authentic Middle Eastern experience with its traditional mezzes being carted out in dim sum trolleys.

Oval-shaped tables were selected for easy sharing among larger groups.

Michael Goodman, Managing Partner for Asia, EDG

“We took our inspiration from the palatial mansions on the Bosoporus of a bygone era, imagining the worn luxury and abandoned riches rediscovered by a new generation.” – Michael Goodman, Managing Partner for Asia, EDG.

When it comes to opulence dining, Turkish dining comes naturally to mind for its extravagance and elegance. Although Middle Eastern cuisine is playing catch up in the dining scene of Singapore, that would soon change with the arrival of two distinct Turkish dining experiences under one roof. Housed in a conservative shophouse along the Tanjong Pagar district, Fat Prince and its elegant brother, The Ottoman Room, will encapsulate the luxurious banquets and royalty of Middle Eastern estates called on by sultans and kings.

Through the main entrance, Fat Prince, a kafé-bar- kebab will represent the café culture of Istanbul, drawing the vibrant and bohemian ambience found deep in the watering holes and streets of the Karakoy neighbourhood and combined with the Parisian sensibilities of a casual café.

In wetting the appetites of local café aficionadas, the interiors are flanked with modern European influences, the gold-embossed glass cabinets and white marble tops touch on that extra bit of bling. Guests to the Middle Eastern feast can watch the bartenders at work from the bar counter or sample the Turkish coffee from silver cezves on the comfy couches.

Through an arched black and gold mosaic walkway, guests would be transported into another world and experience an emperor’s feast laid out by the flicker of light illuminated from hanging oil lamps. To create a cosy and intimate ambience, the ceilings within the Ottoman Room were lowered and recreated with a vermillion checkboard pattern. There, candle-lit oil lamps in varying heights hang from the ceiling and are operated via a pulley system for easy mood customisation.

Designed with an aristocratic dining hall in mind, guests regularly dive into conversations on the rich brown leather sofa and lounge chairs adorned with colourful- patterned cushions. The spunky plush seating is perfect for large groups of friends, but perfect for diners on first dates as well. On the floor, authentic rugs handpicked from the bazaars of Istanbul are laid out as dim sum trolleys loaded with Mezze whiz around the room.

Like the eight hour slow-cooked meals served from the custom-built wood-fired earth pit in the kitchen, an authentic Turkish experience comprising of a warm-handed
hospitality, burgeoning culture and a nod to traditional design, is the main keepsake after a day of indulgence at the Fat Prince and Ottoman Room.

The Ottoman Room, www.ottomanroom.com

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