Stop Procrastinating and Start Reflecting

Our lives are nothing without mirrors, it is the first thing we see when we brush our teeth and the last we observe when we smooth our hair before leaving for work. This selection of mirrored commodities of the home is poles apart from what we normally envision when we think of the utilitarian piece, but nevertheless, they remain sturdy as ever while adding extreme dimensions to the home.


nerry & hu utility mirror

Even though standing mirrors are retreated to the peripheral, they are making a comeback for their minimalist aesthetic and impeccable style. The utility long mirror from Neri & Hu invites a Zen-like focus to the home with the smooth curves of solid wood. Available at Stellar Works.


brabbu iris mirror

Inspired by the Greek goddess Iris who is messenger of gods between Heaven and Earth, the Iris mirror uses exotic palisander wood and gold to recreate the brown iris of a human and to bring out the striking wings of the swift-footed goddess. Available at Brabbu.


brabbu haiku mirror

Bamboo is considered to reflect many qualities like tenacity and uprightness in traditional Chinese culture. As an important building material for centuries, the bamboo is celebrated yet again in the Haiku mirror. The wooden structure of the Haiku is covered with glossy copper leaf and black translucent, bringing to the home integrity and balance. Available at Brabbu.


brabbu belize mirror

Belize is home to the world's most beautiful coral reefs, bustling with colours, shapes and life. The BELIZE mirror brings the harmony between the different forms of life into the home. Polished brass details dot the structure covered in silver leaf with shades of translucent red and black. Available at Brabbu.


luxxu darian gold mirror

Brass retains perfect harmony and order in the home by preying on the divine and splendour of the material. On the Darian Gold, polished brass pieces go atop a smoked black mirror, conjoin the magnificence of an art piece and the functionality of a mirror together. Available at Luxxu


luxxu majestic xl

The Luxxu Majestic XL is given the Midas touch with craftsmanship and a new dimension. On the mirror, a golden plated brass circle is accompanied by 32 ribbed crystal glass cylinders with halogen bulbs within for a perfect glow. Available at Luxxu


living divani galileo mirror

Designed by Mario Ferrarini for Living Divani, the Galileo mirror is composed of a steel frame and welded to a wall-mounted ring, and is always in constant balance like a pendulum. Available at Luxxu.


flou saturno mirror

The sculptural mirror from Flou is designed with an elegant oval shape and an intriguing frame in 'liquid metal'. Little LED plants have been fitted between the mirror panel and frame to create a back lit for those last minute adjustments before leaving the home. Available at XTRA.


moroso diesel living

Channel the lighting sharp sophistication of the Aircraft mirror. As its name suggests, the irregular-shaped mirror was brought to life from the projection of an aircraft silhouette. Think strong and sleek with its varnished steel frame and smoke black mirror. Live life on the fast lane. Available at Dream.