Nature’s Paradise

Clever space maximization transforms this four-room apartment into a space fit for three generations.

February 12, 2018

In addition to the common bathroom fixtures, the bath is where the walk-in wardrobe resides – full-length mirrors conceal the wardrobes while letting them mix and match different attires.

An elongated table fit for a party of eight is illuminated by a series of hanging luminous orbs by Bocci.

The common areas are characterised by an abundance of seating options when hosting huge parties in their apartment.

A movable divider cuts across the living hall to create little zones of quiet comfort when the home theatre on the other side of the divider entertains guests.

A curved study desk is the perfect furniture to indulge in any creative ideas of the day. DO NOT USE.

The powder room is furnished with a yellow tinted hue turning the room into an eye-catching setting for those funky selfies.

The balcony has been transformed into the hanging gardens of Babylon with trees and shrubs lining the space from ceiling to floor.

As a favourite of the homeowners, the illuminated orbs from Bocci are positioned within the wall of greenery. Come nightfall, the balcony is a dazzling sight.

Space has been carved out for a wine cellar within the dining area. Clear acrylic walls display the bottles of wine.

The bedroom is simplistic and clean with a clear line to comfort with the carpeted floors and the cushion headboard that goes across the entire room. The result is a gentle transition to a good night’s rest.

Brazilian architecture is considered one of the most sophisticated as they experiment greatly in respects to modernist architecture. Within the economic capital of Latin America, interior design and architectural outfit Coletivo Arquitetos appealed to the passions of their clients, a young couple with a love for art and nature, investing in a theme of ‘living with art and garden’ for their 500-square-meter apartment in Sao Paolo, Brazil. To reflect the contemporary look, the design team went for a total reconfiguration of the layout including the knocking down of walls to reflect a better flow and continuity throughout the interior.

Visual harmony evolves from the variety of materials mixed and matched within the entire apartment. In the dining area, the warmth of wood neutralises the cool touch of concrete, ceramic and glass to provide the room with soothing notes and visual identity. From the variegated wood ceiling, conical light structures hang from the top providing visual interest as the eyes are instantly led to the ceiling. Exposed concrete walls are also introduced to exhibit itinerant works of art hung by steel cables that can be changed or moved easily. Along the wall, an inconspicious glass door leads tipplers into the wine cellar with clear acrylic walls, displaying the aperitifs in an enticing manner that would see the petite wine glass in their hands never empty.

In the adjacent space, an after-meal seating area is defined by cosy leather couches, wooden benches and a glass coffee table to continue the effortless look of harmony. Along the walls, conteporary art hung speak with bated breath about the homeowner’s culture and art-infused life. On clear days where the sunlight streaks into the apartment, guests can move their conversation onto the balcony, which overlooks the city.

The balcony is the perfect buffer between the living spaces and the city skyline, blurring the boundaries with nature and greenery – trees and leafy shrubs transform the balcony into the hanging gardens of Babylon. Within the verdant green, luminous spheres by Bocci are concealed to create a cosy nook that bodes of tranquility and calmness. Observant readers will find these light orbs familiar from the earlier pages – as the suspended light structures are a favourite of the homeowners, they take on a recurring role in the design of the home, from illuminating the dining table to bedazzling the common areas.

A secondary living area is split into halves and it is easy to see the point where they disassociate and break into two. Not that the hemispheres are entirely disparate from each other, a sliding divider cuts through the space, creating little zones where social congregations happening simulatenously can propagate on its own. On one end, guests can lounge on the massive sofas within the home theatre – oversized slipper-style sofas line in a row can comfortably seat an army of friends without any (literally) rubbing of elbows with each other. On the opposite end, two irregular-shaped sofas with overarching reading lamps are perfect for light browsing of magazines after meals or as a spot to wait on friends coming through the dedicated elevator within the home.

When the party winds down, the homeowners can prepare for bedtime with their grooming rituals in the master bathroom. Luxury is instantly defined by the smooth white marble countertop over the wooden bathroom vanity. His and hers sinks are important as they put a stop to friendly jostling during the morning rush. A wide standing bathtub has been made a necessity in this household for when a warm soak is needed after a hard day of work. Aside from the usual toilet fixtures, the bathroom is also where a walk-in wardrobe is installed.

Despite the extravagance in the common areas, the bedroom is pared-down and simplistic when compared shoulder to shoulder – it keeps the distractions at bay and supports the quick and effortless transition to slumberland. Using a predominantly white colour scheme, the carpeted floor together with the cushioned headboard that goes across the room turn up the cosy factor in the bedroom.

Coletivo Arquitetos,

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