Oasis Living is a premium lifestyle brand, delivering beautiful decorative coordinates with uniquely designed fabrics to match your exquisite taste. Each piece of bed linen, cushion and throw is crafted using a choice selection of luxurious fabrics complemented with the finest finishing and attention to details.


At Oasis Living, we have a skillful team of people dedicated to produce quality products with the finest finishing and final touch. Our retail collections are ensured with unique designs, comfort, style and quality.


Oasis Living aims to be the leading supplier and manufacturer of luxury bed linens and accessories in Singapore and the region. At Oasis Living, we seek to provide solutions to decorate and enrich functionally and aesthetically your most intimate living space.


Oasis Living core customers are direct consumers, purchasing retail and custom made collections. In addition, the company expands its base to interior decorators and interior designers, gaining market share in the commercial sector.


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