The striking combination of blue and green and the compelling form of the fern plant in the Tenue De Ville Majorelle emanates a sense of calmness to the room.


The Tenue De Ville Lore is reminiscent of summer days with its tall leafy stalks going across the design.

Singaporean-based wallcovering collective Tatum presents a new member to the block with the introduction of the Tenue De Ville wallcovering lineup. Belgian artist Alexia de Ville has been at the heart of the brand, creating elegant and modern patterns that find inspiration in flora and fauna.

In the Lore series, tall leafy stalks of trees are featured on a non-woven base. A smooth mica effect within the composition gives the design a summer-like element. Another design charmingly celebrates the fern plant with striking patterns. Used in the kitchen, the wallpaper’s sense of serenity latches onto its environment with ease.

SOURCE Tatum Company, www.tatumcompany.com