Crafting productive and stylish work zones which inspire great thinking

In most households, the home office plays multiple roles. If you work from home, then it is your 9-to-5 place of business. For many, it's a place to pay the bills, go through mail or store important documents. For kids, it's a study spot, or maybe a place to play computer games. It can be a library, a sitting room or just a quiet place to unwind. If space is limited, it can be paired with a guest room, living room and even kitchen as a niche. With options aplenty, do determine what's best for you and your family.

If you're planning on renovating and redecorating your office, storage is your first priority. With so many papers, books and supplies to store, be sure to accommodate it all with shelves, drawers and cabinets. Once the clutter is under control, find a quality desk with plenty of surface space and deep drawers. Finally, own that space by personalizing it with plenty of photographs and kooky knickknacks. Let's get to work!

small world

Size: From 80-120 square feet
Designers: Steven Tay, Kenneth Ng, I-deal House

1. casa milano garbo cabinet


An adventurous allocation, a little workspace is carved along the balcony.


Smart distribution of roles in smaller homes, here the study is paired with the walk-in closet space.

Due to the majority of the population living in apartments, space constraints are a familiar story. However, designers Steven Tay and Kenneth Ng of I-deal House exercise their expertise with rectifying spatial issues- their projects are prof of creative and intelligent ways to implement a study within an alredy established, or shared space.

quick tips

- Think out of the box! Space constraints tend to call for shared responsibilities- install a study in the nook of an already established space like the bedroom or living area.

- Pick a space with the ability to transform between liveability and workability whenever required.

- Take it online- utilise technology to accomplish tasks or store documents; physical forms take up precious space.

- Nature, evident in the balcony study space. Positioning a study next to nature allows one to enjoy scenery and fresh air, negating constraints.

big business

Size: From 300-1000 square feet
Designers: Victor Ng, Estee Aw, Elements ID Consultants.


An open concept eschews walls for a display arc to demarcate spaces; here, a room dedicated solely to home office purposes is viewed from the master bedroom.


A vital three-pronged approach- a lengthy, no-nonsense study desk, a cretively scuptural approach to display cases with the wall-mounted feature, and a cosy nook for needed `R&R` following home-work.

Tenured designers Victor Ng and Estee Aw of Elements ID Consultants flourish in the world of luxe and elegant designs. As a correlation, a number of their firm's clients have the luxury to dedicate larger spaces or in some cases, an entire room, to the workstation at home.

Their projects are a testament to the firm's savvy approach to larger study areas, fusing a dollop of luxe sensibilities within professional permeations.

quick tips

- Demarcate using floor colours or textures, when carving a dedicated portion of the home for workspace purposes.
- For an entire room dedicated to a study, instead of building full-height partitions or walls, use loose furniture (preferably of bright, perky colours) for spatial play.
- Pick the right lighting for the space and use lighter shades or tones for furnishings as well as the walls. Mirrors are great in amplifying this aspect.


Office essentials to get started



Classically wood-crafted, the Alma desk from Finezza comes ready made with intelligent and accessible storage options at its sides. Available at Finezza.



Frag's Mea Highback chair is the right amount of plush, the optimal comfort level contributing to a steady mind-frame when it comes to completing assignments from home. Available at The Beuro.



Taking a cue from modern city landscapes, opt for vertical storage like Fiam's Palladio Vetrina to save space in the vicinity. Seize advantage over the clear panels to double its function as a display case. Available at Proof Living.



Designed by Palmer Earley, Nellcote's Sun Table Lamp is a brass buddy illuminates your workspace. Its marbled body permeates a luxe touch, while the cleverly situated brass segments augment sunlight. Available at The Beuro



Time is of the essence! Stay on task with this groovy and contoured Makara Wall Clock, One of Abie Abdillah's much vaunted crafts from the celebrated designer's Studiohiji workshop. Available at For The Common Goods.


We've collated interior insider tips and tricks for added know-how when it comes to assembling a productive workspace.

bright lights

- Light is your friend. An adjustable desk lamp will do wonders for conduciveness, dispelling computer screen glare. Overhead ambient lighting is criminally underrated for working through the night.

- Select brighter or softer tones to stimulate productivity. Soft blues alleviate stress, green enhances creativity while yellow promotes positive thinking.

- Primary brights are perfect for loose furnishings, adding a touch of whimsy to an otherwise serious place. Another way to add character to the space is by mounting art works or utilising a nice rug to tie the room together.

have a seat

- Sitting will be of prime concern. Get a desk chair that is the right balance of comfort to keep you content with sitting for extended periods of time.
- Lumbar support, padded/plush seats, height adjustability are great prerequisites to look out for.
- Good armrests go a long way.

verdant verve

- Planters are a great way to naturally ventilate the room, keeping your mind clear and tranquil when completing tasks. Looking at plants in itself offers soothing capabilities. The nature of planters allow for easy maintenance as well.
- If space is of the issue again, utilise a desk tidy to exercise green measures. Make your desk tidy a mini-planter, keeping you close to greenery.


- Clutter destabilises productivity and damages the surrounding's aesthetics. Set aside throwaway days- and stick to it. Clean out the unnecessary.
- Organise according to subject matters. Labelling boxes or shelves will go a long way in aiding storage measures.
- Invest in stylish cases or boxes. Wood and wicker give off an old-world charm, while plastics and metals are suave and sleek. Either way, these products help store materials in a handsome manner.

tech wizardly

- Modern electronics and lights are increasingly promoted for its form as much as function. Purchasing a complementary gadgets will elevate the style factor, while adding further function to your office.
- Artisanal gadgetry can also double up as statement pieces.


- Stay away from dark tones and overly white palettes. Break up the monotony and usher in brightness lest you succumb to the fatigability of such surroundings.
- Walls, partitions and dividers are unnecessary roadblocks. Don't coop yourself up, enjoy the absence of barriers.
- Video game consoles, handheld gaming devices and even televisions should be kept away from your workspace. Watch as procrastination perishes after the elimination of distractions.

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