On the Move

Modular made in Singapore homes

Prefab houses are trending and shedding their shoddy reputation. With the launch of MOVIT by modular homes builder Pod Structures, prefab houses suggest possible solutions to rising property prices and shrinking spaces.

The MOVIT home differentiate itself from conventional prefab structures by using lightweight aluminum instead of steel. Another highlight of a MOVIT home is that it not only allows you to design and furnish it according to your needs and budget, you can also dismantle the prefabricated parts easily and rebuild it at a new location.

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Equipped with basic amenities and comfort, these cabins and pavilions bridge the gap between a robust shelter and feather-light camping tent. The cabins are lightly placed with minimal disturbance to existing trees, vegetation and natural features. When relocated, they leave no trace of their existence.

The unit is built using the  highly  durable and flexible Tubelar  Modular System,  a  patented  and  fully  accredited prefabricated  building  technology  that  allows the components to be lightweight, easily packed, interchangeable and transportable. Design flexibility is a bonus too as the parts can be stacked up to three storeys high for basic MOVIT home designs.

"Living in a modest low-maintenance residence need not be a drab existence. In fact, far from it. A simple living space can allow owners to focus on their life priorities better, encourages family intimacy and gives them ample time for leisure as testified by those already enjoying this new revolutionising experience in urban centres in the West," shared Pod Structures Chief Executive Officer, Mr Samuel Vedanaigam.

Apart from energy and water supplies and sanitation, a basic MOVIT unit comes with smart home technology developed by Pod Structures.

Using the Internet of Things technology (IoT), its universal MOVIT IntelTech system covers all essential elements of home security and management such as door access, power supply, lighting and safety alarm that can be controlled remotely on an app.

On top of standard provisions, carbon-conscious and sophisticated homeowners can choose add-ons such as sustainable options for air-conditioning and high-efficiency appliances to renewable features like solar power and the collection and treatment of rain water.

Beyond the function of a home, the MOVIT unit can serve as event spaces, office extensions, retail, F&B, to healthcare and education. The Movit Modular Concept enables countless solutions to be envisioned, rapidly implemented and dismantled after, according to project requirements, at any scale.

The cost of a 32sqm studio unit starts from S$90,000. Each unit features finishings and storage with optimisation of space for sleeping, working, dining and lounging around. So apart from a bedroom and a bathroom, the design incorporates an open-plan living area with a kitchen. Clients can choose their preferred aesthetics, from floor finishes to lighting from a range of options.

"MOVIT homes can transform into truly futuristic dwellings as it allows owners to use data analysis, connectivity and sensors to manage resource efficiency and security effectively. The system also makes it easy for them to incorporate other intelligent capabilities," said Vedanaigam.


Pod Structures Pte Ltd, www.podstructures.com