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A magazine-inspired fashion retail store

February 13, 2018

In the center of the store, a minimalist display of pedestals showcases the wares from different brands without diverting from their overall style.

A pole system that boldly plays with curves and mirrors is used as a display rack.

Different brands are allowed to coexist in the same space without feeling out of place.

Special brands under the Magmode stable are presented as a ‘Feature’.
Pictured: intricately designed kitchenwares are displayed on island counters for
an interactive experience.

Books are given special attention in the Magmode store. Pictured: 50 copies of the same title are displayed on mini wall-mounted shelves with a numbered backing.

An extraordinary fashion label earmarked for success by the Magmode team is presented as ‘Cover Story’. Large display boards presenting the brand’s outfits are hung on the pole system for added prominence.

“Against the current situation of overall downturn environment for physical stores in recent years, Magmode is an exploration of China’s future business
model and a possibility of cultural lifestyle in China’s future business development by RIGI and Magmode.”

There are more than one way to express a brand and that is second nature to Cai Chongda, the former editor-in chief at GQ and Modern Weekly in China, who heads the Magmode brand. His latest project, Magmode, comes in many forms, as a fashion incubator, art salon and as pop-up retail stores across China. 

Most recently, the brand has received a $10M funding by venture firm Ventech China to extend operations to major Chinese metropolises including its latest store in the luxury mall Kerry Centre in Hangzhou. Teaming up with the team from RIGI Design, the retail store is full on fashion forward and has a one-of- a- kind personality inspired by Cai’s affinity with print.

The retail store in Kerry Centre takes on the concept of a magazine by defining areas within the store as different sections of the magazine. On the storefront,
the shop’s signage acts as the cover, displaying the season’s ‘in’ designs at its entrance. Each display area is presented like pages off a magazine, presenting its content uniquely yet with a unified house style just like how a magazine does.

To give each retail space its individual identity, RIGI Design controlled the use of space, creating different brand experience for customers based on the tonality and concept of each brand. To connect them together for a better experience, brief introductions to each brand were installed in the background wall of each display.

In the center of the store, a minimalist display of pedestals in different heights is situated over an open space, showcasing a diverse range of wares from different
brands. In another individual display, fashion brand Sean by Sean is presented as a ‘cover story’ – large display boards presenting the brand’s outfits are hung across a pole system that completes the walk-in wardrobe. The current market and environment for physical stores has been on a downward trend, what Magmode strives for in their three-dimensional magazine concept is the exploration of a uniquely offbeat cultural lifestyle. Afterall, the future is in the rethinking of a better store experience for consumers.


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