Wood turned into stone

August 15, 2019

Also known as fossilised wood, it is created when trees are completely buried under mud sediments or volcanic ash over many millennia. Elements such as carbon were absorbed by the wood transforming it into stone. Petrified wood gives an interior a rich and organic look combined with the glamorous touch of polished stone. Now this design of millions of years in the making is new again with its natural cracks, and splits, all lovingly embraced to fit in a contemporary setting.

MAGAZINE 146 P1_CB2 mosaic pieced petrified wood side table

NATURAL WONDER. A truly unique side table with quite a story to tell. Engineered wood frame is inlayed with polished pieces of petrified wood in varying shapes, tones and sizes. Available at Cb2.

MAGAZINE 146 P2_AIREFURNITURE Petrified wood park slope side tables

THREE’S A COMPANY. This gorgeous Teak Root and Resin table in a glossy and smooth polish is effortlessly modern when propped on steel legs. Enquire at Aire Furniture.

MAGAZINE 146 P3_CB2 malcolm salt pepper shaker

NATURAL FLAVOR. These one-of-a-kind salt and pepper shakers are stunning dining companions. One shaker is outfitted with one hole for salt, the other with three holes for pepper. Available at Cb2.

MAGAZINE 146 P4_CB2 ring serving wood board

FORAGED. Add a natural flavor to small bites on this unique rectangular serving board. Available at Cb2.

MAGAZINE 146 P5_PFEIFER STUDIO blog-petrified-cube-tables

PERFECT PAIRING. These light hued cube, brightens any spot with the beauty of marble. Available at Pfeifer Studio.

MAGAZINE 146 P6_Hudson_Furniture-Console_Tables 24

SIDE-KICK. Perfect for hallways, a console both sleek and functional. Available at Hudson Furniture.

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