Private Potty

The indoor potty solution for small breeds including males who lift their leg.

August 29, 2019

“There’s nothing quite like man’s best friend. Everyone should have a best friend – and I built this product on that same belief. That a dog should be more than just a pet. Above all, owning a dog should be absolutely simple, fun and easy to love.”

Now, doggies can independently use their bathroom when they naturally need to on their own at home.Designed by Canadian Alain Courchesne, the Doggy Bathroom is an indoor potty solution that efficiently works for small dogs and is stylish enough to blend seamlessly with any decor.“There’s nothing quite like man’s best friend. Everyone should have a best friend – and I built this product on that same belief,” says Courchesne. “That a dog should be more than just a pet. That above all, owning a dog should be absolutely simple, fun and easy to love.”

Steps to Potty

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Your doggie can freely walk into their bathroom, turn around, choose a side to lift his leg or squat to eliminate. The Doggy Bathroom is outfitted with rails on either side to securely hold the custom pee pads vertically. The female Doggy Bathroom is designed just the same but without the rails. Simply lay down one of the fitted pee pads. The exterior of the base is coated with a light rubberized finish to keep the Doggy Bathroom securely in place.

MAGAZINE 155 P2_Pee pad

Biodegradable Pee Pads

Doggies can use their private bathroom anytime. Simply replace the custom fitted biodegradable pee pads to freshen up as needed. To replace, simply peel back the adhesive strip from the pee pad and gently tap it along each rail. One pad runs down each side and onto the floor by a few inches for extra protection. One size fits both sides and bottom.

MAGAZINE 155 P3_welcome mat

Welcome Mat

Keep floors and carpets pristine with the plush Welcome Mat, made from washable, absorbent microfibre terrycloth. At the entrance to the Doggy Bathroom, the mat is gentle and soft to the touch so your doggy will love to enter and exit the bathroom whenever the urge strikes.

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The closed environment confines the doggy making them feel safe, secure, while offering visual privacy for doggy parents.

Courchesne, with the help of his 3-year-old Italian Greyhound Sterling O’Brien, paired up to create an innovative solution for male dogs who lift their leg by integrating a vertical pee pad. Although the Doggy Bathroom was designed with males in mind, female dogs can call the Doggy Bathroom their own too. The Doggy Bathroom also creates independence between owners and their pets.The Doggy Bathroom is an elegant rectangular plastic enclosure that holds pee pads horizontally and vertically so that a small dog (20lb. or less) can fully extend his leg in order to pee and/or eliminate solid waste. This product is designed to be indoors but can also be placed outdoors in a covered area. The Doggy Bathroom can be used as a potty-training device, as a seasonal solution for small breeds who cannot withstand the outdoors, or as a permanent solution for senior dogs who cannot make it outside in time. It is also ideal for travel and use in hotels.The closed environment is comfortable and makes dogs feel safe and secure, all while offering visual privacy for pet owners.Made entirely of 100% antibacterial plastic, the patent-pending Doggy Bathroom and its accessories offer subscription packages to have the biodegradable pee pads delivered directly on a monthly basis.

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