All natural wallcovering that illuminates the home


The implosion of colour found in the wallpaper made out of alternating sari silk and banana tree bark is at the center of Omexco's Rainbow collection.


The banana tree bark can be coloured in three different colours - chalk white, cinnamon or chestnut to match the living atmosphere.


In another design, crushed paper printed in faded shades has been added to non-woven wallcovering to offer a textured finish.

Wallcovering need not only be reserved in prestigious settings like hotels, cruise ships or luxury outlets. Invite colour and personality back to the living spaces with a full wallcovering that illuminates the home. From the thriving Belgian city in Leuven, European brand Omexco has shown that wallcovering need not be derelict wallpaper that peels off easy to the touch.


From the manifestation of permanent dialogue with a highly qualified production team, Omexco's team of internal designers are able to create new designs that are unexpected and with subtle colours that paint a beautiful picture in the home.


The Rainbow collection from Omexco is created with consideration to the environment with materials consisting of recycled sari silk in a myriad of colours and then woven with strips of bakbak (bark of the banana tree) coloured in chalk white, cinnamon or chestnut. Perfect for the dining area or common spaces as a standout wall - it will be the subject of envy of any guests to the home.


Another design from the Rainbow collection plays with geometric motifs before being embossed on a printed non-woven wallcovering, allowing for a mix and match between styles in one room. In addition, squares of crushed paper printed in faded shades have been glued on to offer texture and dimension. Ecological is an added bonus as the non-woven wallcovering is ecological, FSC-certified and printed with solar energy.

Omexco, www.omexo.com