Statement walls, pop art and good vibes transform this apartment into a scene stealer for the stars


Near the top of celebrity hair stylist, Addy Lee's wish list for his Sentosa Cove apartment is a cosy and bright respite brimming with positive energy. And space for his prized collection of limited edition sneakers. That was a tall order.

The founder and chairman of the Monsoon Group Holdings has a bursting-at-the-seams collection of clothes, shoes and designer bags. For the interior update, Lee sought decorating advice from Jean Leong, Head of Marketing at Goodrich Global, who Lee got acquainted with when he first moved in the three bedroom apartment in 2010.

Having been in the creative industry since the nineties, Lee had acquired a distinctive taste in decorating and the arts. Before, he had a predilection for layering whites and Oriental art. Now as an acclaimed professional, his tastes has veered to vivid colours, textures and pop art echoing a vibrant lifestyle in the show business.

"He wanted a home which is colourful, bright with artistic inflections!" shared Leong. "He had always wanted bright warm hues, following the advice from a fengshui expert, who prescribed the hues to complement the location of his home which is surrounded with water."

In the living room, a cheery vinyl wallcovering makes a bold statement to complement a new chair in forest green. The horizontally striped wallcovering in shades of red is also textured giving a subtle shimmer. This statement wall is also where Lee displays his prized sneakers collection.

MAGAZINE 93 P1_V127 HF Goodrich_DSC3428 1

The halls of fame converges in the open plan living space featuring Lee's pride and joy - his sneakers and Monsoon Salon's product range.

Across the living room, a statement wall flanks the dining spot as a bespoke and digitally designed wallcovering reflecting organic design elements of Monsoon's line of M Nature products, another wall of fame albeit in neutral tones to balance the warm reds.

The apartment offers two guest bedrooms with one specially decorated for Lee's parents who regularly stay over in the weekends following late mahjong sessions. Their room is more nature inspired imbued with textures and prints set against deep marooned curtains. This wallcovering which was shipped from Netherlands offer oceanic green hues. The leaf embossed prints feel smooth and velvety. The remaining walls are in plain green to complement the designs. The overall feeling is calm and rejuvenating which Lee's parents simply adore.

MAGAZINE 93 P2_V127 HF Goodrich_DSC3275

A statement wall featuring a vibrant kaleidoscope of warm colours in candy stripes.

MAGAZINE 93 P3_V127 HF Goodrich_DSC3302_edit

A guest bedroom for Lee's visiting parents is thoughtfully decorated in nature inspired hues reflecting the soothing waters outside.

On a more dramatic note, the second guest room features a whimsical looking wallcovering inspired by peacocks. This imported wallcovering in shades of black, copper and silver appear iridescent, casting varying shades at different angles.

"The room for his besties is simply stunning! Many of his guests fell in love with it at first sight," added Leong. "To pair off with this stunning wall, selected cushion cover designs from Goodrich Global that are inspired by peacock feathers and set off with Swarovski crystals offer cosy comforts with a glamourous twist."

Functional comforts pervade more than form in the master bedroom as a space for Lee to rest and rejuvenate. Inside, windows are hidden behind heavy drapes to keep the sun out for late stays in bed.

MAGAZINE 93 P4_V127 HF Goodrich_DSC3311

A guest bedroom for Lee's friends take a dramatic take with a wall festooned in a luscious peacock prints.

MAGAZINE 93 P5_V127 HF Goodrich_DSC3321

The master bedroom although more sedate in tone features bold graphic patterns on the walls and upholstery. Dark curtains shield the light for late stays in bed.


Lee suitably in his elements, amidst a revamped apartment which reflects his vibrant personality and lifestyle.

"The bed headboard sits against a wall of geometric inspired wallcovering. We were both agreeable to have the designs to be in circular shapes and gold inspired print for good Feng Shui prosperity vibes!"

For the master bathroom, durable roller blinds take on form and function to offer shade and privacy. "The blinds are waterproof and is very resilient to sunlight and water. The previous one Lee had installed was also from Goodrich Global and lasted seven years."

Spots of the outdoors can be enjoyed throughout the apartment via balconies in all the bedrooms. The main balcony in the living area is a favourite wind-down spot for Lee and his friends in the evenings. Outdoor decking from Goodrich offers comfort to the bare feet while withstanding the sun and rain all year round in all the balconies.

If the eyes are windows to one's soul then a house is a reflection of its owner's personality. The one room that encapsulates Lee the most, would be the living room, a candy striped wonderland of prints, textures, whimsical furniture, art and several shelves of shoes. A space documenting Lee's intrepid life's journey, ready for show time anytime.

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All rooms feature a spot outdoor space to enjoy the sea side view. Each balcony is fitted with durable outdoor decking which is weather proof and easy on bare feet.


Goodrich Global,