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Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) 2018 by Society of Interior Designers-Singapore

March 15, 2019

Society of Interior Designers-Singapore

Presenting SINGAPORE INTERIORS DESIGN AWARDS (SIDA) to top design talent globally

8 March 2019, Friday

JW Marriot, Grand Ballroom

A whimsical themed night at the JW Marriott.

It isn’t any ordinary Friday night. A night of honour for the winners who received accolades for their talent and hard work at JW Marriot’s grand ballroom. The 2018 awards was concluded in January 2019 and were presented at a gala dinner event on 8 March 2019, Friday in a beautiful theme- “whimsical”. 350 designers, industry partners and esteemed guests of the Society of Interior Designers-Singapore attended.

Professor Mr Keat Ong, the President of Society of Interior Designers-Singapore gave an inspiring opening speech.

He started by defining who is an interior designer, “Interior design includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, and communicating with stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of a design”.

Prof. Keat Ong addressing the audience with on the role of interior designers as well as the programs and aspirations of the society.

“An Interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such projects. This is the definition of an INTERIOR DESIGNER stated in the recently completed 3 years ID Roadmap supported and financed by Design Singapore Council (DSG), guided and sign off by SIDS. Unlike the architects, the Engineers, the Quantity Surveyors and the other profession in the built industry,

ID faces an identity crisis in Singapore which needed a powerful force to rectify.”

Professor Keat Ong went on to elaborate on SIDS’ yearly programs and its other INITIATIVES, motivating the professional designers with SIDS’support for its members and industry.

Let’s take a moment to congratulate the winners. The winners are

SIDA Winners (Completed Projects)

Raynon Chiu
Taiwan DAE International Design Career Company
Cop the Piedmont – China Sam Hoi, Alex Jiang, Herman Xu
Xintian 360 Plaza (Morgan Mall) – China Shen Junwei
Arizon Design
Shanghai Joy City Kids World – China Tianwen Sun
Shanghai Hip-Pop Design Team
From Winter to Spring Clubhouse – China Tom Shi
Tomshi and Associates
Matryoshka Doll – Hongu 2018 Summer Window – China Tsan Hen Li
Cheng Sheng Interior Design
Strength Under Control – Taiwan Wangsi Chen
Nine Pick Design
Box in Box [OlinkTechnology Accelerator] – China Wong Ker How, Lim Jing Feng, Quck Zhong Yi
Bringing Light – Singapore Yi Ju Chen‚ Tien Chia Chang
The Gym of Accessory Store
45 Tilt – Taiwan

Luminary Awards (Completed Projects)

Ching Yew Tung
Spirit Of Design Analogy Pte Ltd
NAFA Arts Preschool Cris Cheng
Idee Etcetera Pte Ltd
Bring Retro Japan to Singapore Dennis Cheok
The Seafront Apartment Lau Chun Hoong, Nadiah Jailani
Orb Associates
Setia Sky 88 Lim Jing Feng, Wong Ker How, Quck Zhong Yi
Coming Home Peter Tjioe, Budi Kurniawan
MM Galleri
Bending Nature Si Jian Xin, Leong Hon Kit
Wynk Collaborative LLP
Habitat by Honestbee

Luminary Award for Concepts

Cheong Kok Weng
Sky Creation
Grange Garden Condo Cris Cheng
Pitstop Canteen @ Carros Centre
Idee Etcetera Pte Ltd Jack Liew
Ensemble Studio Pte Ltd
Qujiang International School Jack Liew
Ensemble Studio Pte Ltd
Xian Rose Club House Jack Liew, Lei Aye Liew
Ensemble Studio Pte Ltd
Villa Nine

SIDA Winners for Concepts

Bueno Huang
CAD Associates
Natural Element – Malaysia Chao Chen
Sky Creation
Dream as a Horse -China Chee Kiong Soh
Think Design Concept Sdn Bhd
Life _ Live Delonghi – Malaysia Cheong Kok Weng
Sky Creation
Grange Garden Condo – Singapore Cosmas Damianus Gozali
Atelier Cosmas Gozali
Tokopedia Office – Indonesia Cris Cheng
Idee Etcetera Pte Ltd
Pitstop Canteen @ Carros Centre – Singapore Huang Chin Hsu
Great Word Interior Decoration Co
Forest Secret Restaurant – Taiwan Isabel Ng
Sky Creation Asia
Concourse Skyline – Malaysia Jack Liew
Ensemble Studio Pte Ltd
Qujiang International School – Singapore Jack Liew
Ensemble Studio Pte Ltd
Xian Rose Club House – Singapore Jack Liew, Lei Aye Liew
Ensemble Studio Pte Ltd
Villa Nine – Singapore Jiang Wei
Shang Shang Ju Design Studio
Hefeng Boutique Hotel – China Jochen Tsui
Yi Jing Decoration Design (Beijing) Co Ltd
The World of Orient – China Kelly Chin
Unity ID Pte Ltd
Modern Luxe – Singapore Ker Dehao
Sky Creation
Symphony Suites Condo – Singapore Kuo Chen Mo
Mo Architects and Planners
Reconstitution and Rebirth – Taiwan Latif Salam
Image Creative Design Pte Ltd
Crown Coffee – Singapore Lyn Zhang
Sky Creation (Beijing)
Swan Bay – China Sam Hoi, Alex Jiang, Herman Xu
Lihpao Plaza – China Sam Hoi, Alex Jiang, Herman Xu
Longzihu Plaza – China Shao Shuai
Jiuyi Design Co Ltd
Teahouse -China Zhang Ziran
Yantai Baicheng Natural Space Decoration Company
Villa Kang Jun – China

Some Outstanding Awards

Among all, the 2019 Singapore Interior Design Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Mr Lim Hong Lian who is the Principal Partner of LTW Designworks Pte Ltd.

Mr.Kris Lin of KLID (Shanghai) was awarded the “Best of Best” for SIDA 2018 and the “Best of Best for SIDA CONCEPT goes to Mr. Jack Liew (Founding Director of Ensemble Studio).


Mr. Lim Hong Lian (Principal Partner of LTW Designworks Pte Ltd) receiving the “2019 Singapore Interior Design Lifetime Achievement Award” from Prof. Keat Ong (President, SIDS).


Mr. Kris Lin of KLID(Shanghai) was awarded the “Best of Best” for SIDA 2018.


Prof. Keat Ong, President of SIDS(left) and Ar. Larry Ng, Registrar of Board of Architects(right), Singapore presenting the “Best of Best for SIDA CONCEPT to Mr. Jack Liew(Founding Director of Ensemble Studio).


Presentation of Judges’ token of appreciation to Ar. Chris Yap (President, Asia Pacific Space Design Association and Immediate Past President of Malaysia Institute of Interior Designers) by Prof. Keat Ong (President, SIDS).


Some of the VVIPs including from left clockwise – Prof. Ho Puay Peng (Head, Dept of Architecture, SDE, NUS) ; Mr. Terence Quek, PBM (CEO, Emergenetics International) ; Mr. Chen Chen Ming (President, National Association of Interior Design Taiwan R.O.C) ; Mr. Timothy Tan (Director, Constance Design); Mr. John Chan (Regional Director, American Hardwood Export Council, SEA & GRCH); Ar. Larry Ng (Registrar, Board of Architects, Singapore); Prof. Keat Ong (President, SIDS) ; Mr. Mark Yong (President, SFIC); sitting down Ar. Rita Soh (President, ARCASIA); and Constance Ann (Hon. Advisor, SIDS).


Grand photo session at the end of ceremony with the VIPs and award winners.


Some of the attending SIDS Council & Advisory Board members from left standing in clockwise Ms. Cindy Ang, Mr. Jackie Lai, Mr. Eric Ong, Mr. CY Tung, Mr. Hendra Sutedjo, Ms.Kat Tan, Ms. Constance Ann, Mr. ZJ Fann (face blocked), Mr. Mark Mah, Mr. James Paul, Mr. Cris Cheng, Ms. Kelly Chin, squatting down Mr. Wayne Yeo, Mr. CH Lau, Mr. Keat Ong, Mr. Daniel Yen and Mr. Raj Shah.


Constance Ann and Timothy Tan from Constann Design.


From Left: Jean Leong from Goodrich Global and Zulfa Jureni & Velasquez, Arvin from Darby Media.

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