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Singapore Interior Design Festival opens with a theme on colours.

October 2, 2019


On the Scene

Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS)
Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre
1 October 2019
Singapore Interior Design Festival

Speakers and audience at Colours symposium

Singapore Interior Design Festival opens with a theme on colours.

Driven by ArchXpo and co-located under one roof, the annual event showcased 250 exhibitors from 15 countries and attended by key players from various related industries including architects, builders, contractors, developers, engineers, facility managers, government agencies, housing developers and interior designers. The integrated platform is host to six exhibitions, 12 conferences, workshops and master classes led by industry experts, designed to address new demands and developments which will directly affect the Built Environment. Some key topics discussed at the conferences and symposiums include Smart Nation technology, smart facility management and the safety and security of people and residential and commercial buildings.

SIDS President Keat Ong (left) accompanying distinguished Guest of Honor Mr. Zaqy Mohamed, Minister of State for Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Manpower in the walk around the exhibition.

The Colours symposium by SIDS presented two distinguished keynote speakers who are industry experts; Ms. Marta Kokot, Director of Aqua Clean Group and Ms. Isabel Miaja, Director and founder of Miaja Design Group. Supporting speeches are presented by Mr. Jackie Lai, Design Entrepreneur for Copper Design Associates and Mr. Jonathan Jaya Sudhir, Managing Director of Smart Décor.SIDS also collaborated with Singapore Furniture Industries (SFIC) with a networking session. Participating brands are Benel, Décor Fan Sea, New Panel, Wall Studio, YZ Timber Trading, Ewins and Zenterra Lighting.DCRS-Decorations highlights the contents of their speeches.

Opening Speech by Professor Keat Ong, President for SIDS

Professor Keat Ong, President for SIDS

Distinguished guests, fellow designers and professionals from the interior architecture/design industry, these few years have been a very exciting period in Singapore for our Interior Design Industry.

Since 1994, SIDS’s membership represents the wide spectrum of the Singapore ID industry covering the biggest to the smallest in term of scale and covering specialty areas from hospitality, institutional, commercial to residential design.

The society and our group of dedicated unsung heroes have been working relentlessly to put forth professional enrichment programs such as symposiums and panel discussions; social events with our industry partners- uniting designers, builders, suppliers and Industry stakeholders in many of our eat and enjoy sessions; our international award SIDA and gala that sees people from around the world congregating in this tiny red dot in the name of design excellence and recognition; and us celebrating in our own way together with the entire world in World Interiors Day where we organized a full day symposiums and dinner every year without fail. Today’s SIDFEST (Singapore interior design Festival) which is Singapore’s very own annual festival is dedicated to celebrate the Interior Design profession and industry!

This year’s theme is colours –  blonde to be exact. An ode to our two beautiful and professionally-established ladies Ms. Marta Kokot and Ms. Isabel Miaja, who was also our ex-VP in the last council term.

Next. I wanted to use this opportunity to address the industry on a very important sets of documents that will help guide us towards the future of the ID industry

The “Industry Transformation Roadmap Development for Interior Design Industry in Singapore” report prepared by Frost & Sullivan for SIDS and DesignSingapore Council was concluded in October 2018.

There are five pillars that are recommended by the report to elevate Singapore’s ID Industry to become globally-valued. They are as follows:

  1. Improving Productivity;
  2. Adopting Technology & Innovation;
  3. Improving Talent Pool;
  4. Encouraging Internationalization;
  5. Focusing on Branding & Awareness.

These are some of our initiatives I wanted to highlight that are gearing towards the utopian visions we set ourselves.

Our SIDE program for those who are still unfamiliar, stands for Singapore Interior Design EXPOSE. EXPERIENCE. EXPLORE

Exposing the selected designers to foreign cities by allowing them to share their works and experiences. They get to Experience the different industry and business cultures first hand, by interacting with the local counterparts and community.

Eventually, with the many networking opportunities created along the way, designers will Explore potential working relationships with the locals in term of new commissions as well as collaborations.

For 2019, we have 40 slots and we have already successfully concluded 16 overseas joint symposiums in a span of few months with our foreign counterparts in the cities of Hangzhou, Chongqing, Changsha, Changde, Kunming and Jinan. All the designers came back smiling. With the success, we will open up more cities next year to export our talents.

Next is our all familiar SIDA (Singapore Interior Design Awards) this year, alongside the main SIDA which is for completed projects and SIDA CONCEPT for design proposals, we have added SIDA YOUTH for the students’ projects.

Our Student Chapter has also recently completed their tour of duty in a joint exercise in Cebu, Philippines in July under the AIDIA (Asia Interior Design Institute Association) grouping with other Asian students from Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and so on.

I’m very proud of the team’s efforts. Do look out for announcements of our official launch.

More on Mr. Ong's speech here

Mr. Jackie Lai
Design Entrepreneur for Copper Design Associates

As SIDS Event Director and Honorary Secretary, , Mr. Lai began the Colours symposium with sharing the society’s pivotal events for the year which includes the SIDA gala and awards ceremonies, World Interiors Day and design and networking symposiums conducted locally and in the region.Mr. Lai pointed out that colour selections in a design is not accidental but a considered strategy. He cited Pantone as one source for trending colours. For upcoming colours in interior design, Mr. Lai shared neutral beiges such as coffee, caramel, cinnamon and chestnut to pastels or ‘ice-cream’ colours for those who are averse to bright shades.

Ms. Marta Kokot
Director of Aqua Clean Group

In interior design, upholstery and textiles are ways to introduce colours into a space. Ms. Kokot shared tips on fabrics selection to meet project requirements. Important fabric features to consider in residential and contract projects are its performance, safety, aesthetics structure, lifestyle and health. She shared Aquaclean innovations in upholstery such as fire retardant and stain resistant options which now offer a wide variety of colour ways and textures to accentuate any space.

More on Ms. Kokot's speech here

Ms. Isabel Miaja
Director and founder of Miaja Design Group

For Ms. Miaja, art is an integral part of a design process. In her speech on Art Makes Colours, she elaborates on the psychology of colours and how it affects built environments and inhabitants.  Knowing what colour works with the human psyche, enhances an interior designer’s skills to deliver a harmonious design. She highlights rules and regulations on applying colours in various spaces. She takes inspiration from 15th century artists Leon Battista Alberti and Leornardo Da Vinci whose paintings suggest a hierarchy of colours still relevant today.

More on Ms. Miaja’s speech here

Mr. Jonathan Jaya Sudhir
Managing Director at Smart Décor

The old adage “a picture speaks a thousand words” holds true in interior design where an accurate digital representation of a design proposal is a battle half won.Mr. Sudhir presented a web browser based platform that utilises cloud technology where users with any PC will be able to generate ultra high quality renders in under a minute and access project files from anywhere-anytime.  Using Coohome technology, designers can create 3D models and apply them in cutting edge Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 360-degree spins, floor planning and high-quality rendering solutions.

More on Mr. Sudhir’s speech here

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