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6 Small bedroom ideas that are big in style

September 12, 2019

A bedroom does not have to be the size of a cinema to express great design. Our interior design experts at Elements ID Consultants prove that size is not comparable to supreme style. In fact small bedrooms may be a blessing for a better night’s sleep. Stimulating activities like watching television and work disrupt sleep patterns. So the less you have in the bedroom, the less there is to do but – sleep.  Here are ways to amplify that cosy bedroom space.

01 Neutral Palette

A neutral palette is ideal for small bedrooms and visually opens up the space. Stick to one shade and apply throughout for walls, floor and furniture. Opt for white beddings and a neutral drapes which can achieve a layered look without relying on bold pops of color, which can feel cluttered.

02 Lighting Strikes

When space is a constraint, consider hidden lighting in a drop ceiling feature, behind custom wall units and down lighters. Keep cables well-hidden to accentuate a clean and uncluttered silhouette.

03 Use Vertical space

When in doubt, go upwards. Add floating shelves for a display showcase and storage system. With a desk built in, you have a neat study nook.

04 Under bed storage

Consider storage under the bed to free up floor space. There is so much real estate underneath! A customised bed frame that includes drawers underneath keeps the room looking neat and organised. Keeping the bed against the wall also maximises on floor space.

05 Add a creative storage

Bedsides an essential space often overlooked. Extended side tables from a bedhead allows helpful tabletop storage for glasses, clocks and phones. The space underneath can be maximised for books and such.

06 Layer textures

Headboards are a great way to establish a bedroom’s theme and palette. This room’s statement wall in herringbone wood introduces earthy tones in the room. The grey upholstered headboard reinforces the colour scheme while offering a cosy texture to the mix. 

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