Smart Cooling

Control your home's temperature from anywhere in the world via a smartphone

February 12, 2018

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Control your home’s temperature- from anywhere in the world via a smartphone

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Ambi Climate seeks to offer a fully optimised air conditioning service

Most air conditioners only allow for simple temperature control, ignoring factors that impact thermal comfort like humidity, weather and sunlight. Through six intelligent sensors built into the device, Ambi Climate is the first smart air conditioning system in the world. It leverages machines learning-based artificial intelligence to create a complete profile of your personal comfort preferences, controlling your air conditioner accordingly- boosting comfort and saving energy.

Via smartphone,  Ambil Climate allows one to monitor and control the air-conditioner, no matter where you are in the world. Founder and CEO of Ambi Climate, Singaporean Julian Lee, eloborated on how Singapore depends on air-conditioning year-round, as well as constantly combating air pollution issues. Now, you can make your homes cleaner and greener- with optimally personalised temperature control.

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