Channeling old world charm and timeless style

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In the Deli, custom-designed armchairs and sofas in plush upholstery are the perfect place to perch and people-watch from.

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To facilitate successful business meetings, the Executive Lounge is decorated with grandness and sophistication. Business workers can converse in sequestered quiet meeting zones or take a break on the small outdoor terrace.

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Colonial architecture and hand-crafted encaustic tiles immerse the Blue Jasmine in a cultural backdrop whilst diners partake in their Thai-infused cuisine.

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Going across two floors, the sleeping areas are found on the second level via a flight of stairs that simultaneously frame the room.

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Maximizing space is a top concern for the design team due to the smaller room size in the guest rooms. Customised furniture and the use of texture create the impression of a cozier room.

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The stylish and vibrant atmosphere continues in the hallway where screens adorned with Chinese patterns wrap the walls of the corridor.

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Making use of the high ceilings, contemporary eye-catching chandeliers hang from above.

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The lobby makes a strong impression on hotel guests and passersby with grand decorative panels and top notch finishing.

Farrer Park has a proud cultural identity in Singapore since its past as a racecourse, then as an airplane strip for the first plane to fly over Singapore before becoming a hotbed for tradition. From 2017, the thriving ethnic community within the district will share their heritage home with the Park Hotel Farrer Park. Ever since a collaborative of FBEYE International, RB Capital and Park Hotel Group uncovered the potential in Farrer Park and the surrounding Little India as a new destination strip, the district has gained traction with trendy millennial hoping to sample the rich fabric of local culture whilst remaining in lapses of luxury.

From afar, the building represents an architectural masterpiece with a weave of old and new - elongated glass panels allow the inside and out to intermingle within the same structure. Stepping inside the lobby, the architects dreamt up a timeless display of grandness. What greets hotel guests is a stately opulence relayed with Sophia Gold and Crema Marfil marble over the floors and walls. The next task of checking in would be to arrive at the reception counter cladded in a lacquered eggshell finish, capped in Potoro Gold marble.

When the designers drew with a free hand on the drawing board, they had systematically planned for tradition to be a key part of the design. It is hard to imagine there would be breathing space for elements of the old without colouring out of the lines and that led the designers to mark the fifth level as the perfect place to start.

Dubbed the liveliest floor of the hotel, the fifth floor lives up to its name as host to an all-day dining restaurant, pool and outdoor bar. For most, Blue Jasmine restaurant is a great place to be hungry with a combination of Asian cuisines and an overarching focus on Thai influences. Food aside, guests can be in awe of the Peranakan backdrop formed by artwork commissioned by FBEYE International and local artisans. This elaborate theme continues with cabinetry inspired by colonial architecture of the old alongside hand-crafted encaustic tiles that bode of an era of the past.

Coming to the restaurant at different times of the day would garner different experiences. In the AM, natural light highlights the exposed brick, concrete tones and gleaming white subway tiles paralleled with the encaustic floor tiles. When darkness springs into life, screens marked with Chinese patterns hang from the 7.5 metre high ceiling and are brought to the forefront with carefully positioned lighting. When diners would like an intimate encounter with nature, a large outdoor area with flora and fauna welcomes guests to take in the sights.

It may seem as though business guests would find it a challenge to prioritize work over leisure. To level the playing field, FBEYE International has meticulously designed the Executive Lounge with premium facilities to transition workers towards a conducive work environment. Making use of the high ceilings and mezzanine floor, contemporary custom-designed chandeliers of fluted frosted glass and black metal trims join the impressive lush concept conceived by the walls of travertine and customized murals that depict ascending cloud formations - referencing the lofty ambitions held by their high-flying guests. Work is done on sile stone-topped tables and chairs cladded in high-lacquered timbre and faux leather, reimagining the way business people work.

As the night winds down, guests can take a breather in one of the 300 guestrooms and loft suites. Despite the smaller guestrooms taking up only 20 metres square in size, FBEYE International has worked around the limitations with a room plan that maximizes space. Most of the furniture within have been custom-designed from the working desk, free-standing jewelry box, mini bar to the television cabinet. Fashionistas would be pleased with the open wardrobe and large full-length mirror for them to ponder over and nitpick their outfits before heading out to paint the town red.

Following a whirlwind day of activities, the bathroom is ready to absolve any stress accumulated over the course of the day and it starts with a marble finish and ambient lighting for those moments of rejuvenation. After the nightly bedtime routine, guests can finally rest their head before a feature bed head wall cladded in soft cream paneling and Santos Rosewood panels with offset wall covering - the snug layout and textures preserves the harmonious blend in the guestroom and lends soothing notes of calm from check-in till check-out.


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