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Often a specialist know-how or latest technology is needed to achieve a particular design effect in form and function.  These industry experts are unsung heroes in an interior design transformation and are the bones that help achieve your dream space or facilitate a smooth transition from start to finish.

Get in touch with our preferred specialists to explore the potential of their offerings and how their crafts, top materials and finishing can enhance your dream space.


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Because your kitchen countertop endures heavy use, it should be above all practical. It is important to strike that perfect balance between style and function. Durability, visual appeal and unfussy maintenance are the top three guiding factors for choosing the right counter. As you remodel your kitchen, consider all the materials from luxurious marble countertops to rustic butcher block countertops and decide which one is right for your needs

1. butcher block

Practical, naturally warm and handsome, wood can be finished, raw or periodically refinished. Because wood is susceptible to warping and cracking from moisture, wood countertops are most often made of butcher block which consists  of many small, thick pieces of wood glued together.

Wood is also susceptible to stains due to its porous nature. And should be regularly cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner.

2. granite, marble & natural stone

As natural stone with distinctive patterns and veins, their beauty is undeniable, and they will last forever, but they do require maintenance.

Natural stone is porous and is subject to staining by oils, red wine, and other pigmented liquids. These surfaces require periodic sealing for them to be resistant.

While they are highly heat-resistant, they are susceptible to cracks or chips if something heavy is dropped on them.

3. quartz & engineered stone

Engineered quartz is a conglomerate of ground natural quartz and binding resins that gives the appearance of solid stone but is significantly stronger, more durable, and easier to care for. Because it is non-porous, quartz is resistant to staining and acids, highly heat and impact resistant. It comes in a vast array of solid colors and also in finishes that mimic the veining of granite and marble.

4. laminate counters

As a clean, smooth surface that is a versatile answer for low-budget installations,

laminate counters now are more durable and are available in a much wider range of colors and patterns that mimic granite and wood. Laminate is made from thin layers of resin-treated paper on a base of chipboard, pressed together under high heat, and coated with a form of plastic. It is susceptible to scratching, staining from acidic liquids, and damage from hot pots.

5. concrete

Cool, contemporary, and the epitome of industrial chic, are kitchen counters made of poured concrete. Because they are cast to individual specifications, concrete countertops can be formed in any shape. The concrete mixture is essentially cement, sand, water, pigment, and reinforcement fibers. You can customize concrete by including stone fragments, glass chips, seashells, or anything that fancies you.

Concrete needs to be sealed periodically and is prone to hairline cracks. And if it should be damaged, cracks and chips can easily be filled.

6. stainless steel

Another sleek modern surface, stainless steel has been moving from the commercial kitchen to the home. It is nonporous, hygienic, resistant to heat and stains, and easy to clean. Like wood, stainless steel scratches and dents easily.

Planning a productive space for cooking to suit lifestyles from busy to laidback.

Bathrooms big and small can have the royal design treatment to raise the game on cleansing rituals

Giving the soft focus to interiors with tactile upholstery and wallpaper.

lluminate spaces with lights which combines form and function.

Decorate your rooms with trending and functional furniture in a style which reflects your personality.

The facts and figures on hard surfaces that performs.

Keeping cool and comfortable with the latest in air conditioning.

Create order and imbue comfort in a room where you unwind and rejuvenate.

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